Weak points include occasional slight stutter in texture intensive games due to texture trashing and possible image quality problems resulting from the passthrough design. Xpentor X-Gamers 3 Win9x Driver. Welcome the the Voodoo Banshee Driver Section High resolution GUI modes are most noticeably affected. With SLI this amount does not grow, instead the textures will be copied two more times.

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3dfx Voodoo Banshee drivers for Windows XP x86

Following the same principle as the Voodoo1 there are three independent bit RAM buses, one for the frame buffer processor and one for each TMU. Despite only supporting resolutions as high as x x without the usage of Z-buffering and bit color depth, the card was usable with games into Now facing stronger competition from NVIDIA’s RIVA TNT line, which already supported bit color depth, x textures and AGP texturing, the Voodoo 3 line was 3rfx panned by critics and called outdated in terms of features, but was still considered to be very competitive speed-wise, because bit rendering introduced a big performance hit on competitor cards.

Seems almost like an all-in-one card. After 3dfx came to an end, fanmade drivers tried to solve this problem and make some and later games playable on these cards. Card was Never over clocked and only used to play the game Outlaws. Guaranteed Delivery see all. For better compatibility and versatility, it is common practice among vintage computer vlodoo to have multiple video or sound cards in one system. Finally, for maximum Glide compatibility, one could even use 3drx cards e.


The card’s prime use case would be early statically-linked Glide games in DOS that depend on the first Voodoo chipset.

At that time, 3dfx’s marketing was centered around speed, vooxoo to demonstrate that the image quality was still better than their last vooroo high-end setup, they invented the term “bit”, describing the added 2×2 box filter that masks dithering.

Generally speaking, the 4x mode is only practially useful up to x depending on the game. As such they are not ideal gaming choices, although they can be still useful for some games.

I have a 3dfx STB graphics card available: The last set of drivers officially released for the Voodoo 3 on Win9x was version 1. Still, given the experimental nature it is very unlikely that the DoF effects work as intended.

This was again due to 3dfx being the dominant 3D solution at this time, and also a commonly known brand voodko PC gamers. Manual and driver CD are included. With the purchase of STB Systems, 3dfx had acquired several popular brand names.

Item Location see all. NO cable is included in the lot. It is clocked at MHz, meaning that the midrange Banshee was actually slightly faster in then prevalent single-textured games than the high-end Voodoo2, 3ddfx clearly falls behind in games utilizing multi-texturing.


Card has very little hours on it. Contains new 3dfx Toolssee readme file for details.

Beta Release, Bugfixes and minor improvements Source: Voodoo Banshee Win2K Drivers. This page was last modified on 6 Octoberat With one card installed, up to x is possible regardless of memory. Discuss this Page in the Forums.

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Skip to main content. This offered better quality than running in pure bit mode. A problem with them is that games written for Win9x are not necessarily compatible with modern operating systems, so only a at best period-correct Win9x system can be guaranteed to play all Glide games properly.

They shouldn’t be difficult to acquire since the demand is not as high as for other 3dfx cards. Glide wrappers are at a level where they can properly emulate how those games would look on a real Voodoo card and can be considered a viable bannshee to the real cards. Click Image bashee Return.