To place it back in the system tray, start the Utility by selecting Start from the desktop, then Programs, Actiontec 54 Mbps, and Wireless Utility. Click OK in all open windows to close them. If Windows XP SP1 is not running on the computer, the check mark will not appear and connection with an unsecured network will automatically appear. Now the computer is not detecting the Adapter. When the correct icon is located, a dialog box similar to the one below appears. Frequently Asked Questions How far can I be from the access point and maintain a connection? The only updates that will be provided are at the sole discretion of Actiontec Electronics and will only be available for download at the Actiontec Web site, www.

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This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Two types of service can exist while in infrastructure mode: Gateway A central device that manages the data traffic of the network, as well as data traffic to and from the Internet. If your cordless phone uses this frequency, problems may occur. To select one, click on it, and the appropriate window will appear. The only updates that will be 802ji3 are at the sole discretion of Actiontec Electronics and will only be available for download at the Actiontec Web site, www.


Actiontec UI3(B) – WikiDevi

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary depending on local law.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Also, check that 802uj3 drivers for the USB controller are installed correctly on the computer.

Actiontec USB Wireless Adapter UI3(b) Manuals

From the Network Properties applet, perform the following steps: The congratulations screen appears. Once the correct icon is located, right-click on it and, from the menu that appears, select View Available Wireless Networks.

To connect to another unsecured access point: The Adapter is connected 802ki3 a secured wireless network.

Locate 802ul3 wireless network double computer icon corresponding to the Adapter by moving the cursor over the network icons in the system tray.

There really is no difference between the two. Infrastructure mode lets wireless devices communicate with each other or with a wired network.

Actiontec 802UI3(B)

If this is the case contact your computer manufacturer for 802uii3 in activating the USB ports. The Adapter uses the 2. If you are having problems with interference caused by your cordless phone, try changing the channel of your wireless network.

When the implied warranties are not allowed to be excluded in their entirety, they will be limited to the duration of the applicable written warranty.


Connection starts 802ki3. What is the difference between bit and bit encryption? Different cordless phones use different frequencies, and generally include a label stating which frequency they use.

Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Actiontec Electronics, Inc. This address is only required when using a cable or DSL modem.

Network Cables Actiontec USB Wireless Adapter 802UI3(b) user’s manuals in pdf

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Actiontec Electronics warrants the media containing software against failure during the warranty period. First, make sure the Adapter is correctly installed.

If these adapters were installed prior to the USB Adapter, they may be preventing you from getting on the web. IP Internet Protocol Address A series of four numbers separated by periods identifying a unique Internet computer host. Can 802uui3 use the Adapter to connect to an How fast is the wireless network? Dated proof of purchase from Actiontec Electronics or its authorized reseller may be required.

Now the computer is not detecting the Adapter.