If you use the function instrument , you must tell this function the VISA resource name of the instrument you want to connect to. Note that your local VISA library may round up this value heavily. It implements control of measurement devices in a straightforward and convenient way. Each chunk is 20 kilobytes long by default. Since only one instrument can be connected with one serial interface, there is no double colon parameter. Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?

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Read the Docs v: Please install VISA properly before you proceed.

You must not set it to None. PyVISA currently supports three forms of transfers: Whether or not to assert EOI or something equivalent, depending on the interface labvirw after each write operation.

The default value is 25 seconds.

The following example shows how to use SCPI commands with a Keithley multimeter in order to measure 10 voltages. For serial instruments, CR carriage return is used to terminate readings and writings.


It saves you from calling one of the instrument classes directly by choosing the right one according to the type of the instrument. Unfortunately, PyVISA must make space for the data before it starts reading, which means that it must know how much data the device will send.

This is equivalent to four separate GPIB buses. In particular, you must assure separately that the device actually sends in this format. Note that your local VISA library may round up this value heavily. After having read them, labfiew program calculates the average voltage and prints it on the screen.

Agilent A Driver Labview – aktivpac

Image not found Error: If you set it to zero, all operations must succeed instantaneously. It depends if there is third party connectivity hardware or software installed. I recommend to import the VISA functions with: This has the advantage that the data transfer is much smaller and takes less time.

There is a subtle difference: Okay, now the instrument is prepared to do the measurement. Length of read data chunks in bytes, see section Chunk length. Its homepage is http: If you have two GPIB boards and the instrument is connected to board number 1, you must write.


LQ Electronics Corp

lahview Just start the program with from pyvisa. February 27, Author: Created using Sphinx 1. By the way, if you use Windows, I recommend to install Enthought Python. Whenever this character or sequence occurs in the input stream, the read operation is terminated and the read message is given to the calling application.

Alternatively, you can download it from your favourite equipment vendor National Instruments, Agilent, etc. The default is 1. How many A’s can be used in a system? We have tested with the Belkin F5U The default value depends on the bus system. Some instruments allow for sending the measured data in binary form. You may set termination characters for each instrument, e. Since this class is derived from the class Instrumentplease refer to section General devices for all operations.