The power supply is 5v and 42v. I used a dremel to cut the circuit board isolating the drivers, motors connectors and the power connector. I’ve attached the picture of my y-axis. I have a couple of new cartridges as well. I like the idea of re-purposing technology.

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So using a 7.

Already a9217seb to the motors! Hi to all, I am new on this forum, I write from Italy so I hope my english is understandable I used a dremel to cut the circuit board isolating the drivers, motors connectors and the power connector.

You can loose all the prewired, prepowered goodness of a recycled controller. I’ve disarmed an Epson C45, I’ll be posting pictures of the stepper controller board and motors.

Yep, you need to cut the board in order to disconnect the driver from the circuit that is connected on the pins that the translator use. BTW, the belt can be recycled too, and for my mm table is was just the right length!


Then you just need to control the phase pins to drive the full bridge. Adopting the Servo system would be a better solution however this will need Servo code to be writen to controll the axis so far no one has done this Yet!! Also, where do I connect the opto end stops: You’re on the same route as me: Save some big bucks.

Most printers that use this servo system use an Arm processor to controll the printer not the slower Aurduino processor. I’ve made a new representation with a gen7 board wich I’m planning to use [ i.

I love how you used the Agfa scanner for the base. I may send some pics if you want to see where to cut.

ASEB Driver and Stepper

Perfect tension and alignment. This is quite a big diffrence to make up with gearing. I’m just doing some tests, not sure about the usage of these steppers.

Bodge It [ reprap. HP and Lexmark had the low cost 7. The Pins look like attached Any Ideas?

Allegro A2917SEB 1.75a Stepper Motor Controller

I’ll nered two more motors. I’ve built a Prusa using two Epson carriage steppers. Reading the datasheet you can choose the pins you want to use. I’m stealing your idea: Its easy to find the tracks and keep all the need components without destroying, the hard part is soldering pins directly on the driver CIs.


I wonder if the main boards stepper controllers could be tapped in to. BIQ standalone Sanguinololu or Ramps mounting. I’ll try open my old Canon S then, and when I will visit my parents, I can probably get my hands on at least 3 old inkjet printers and probably one old needle printer!

An environmentally friendly approach.

Best regards, Alessandro Reply Quote. Its fun to figure out how much of these parts can be re-purposed. I’d cut the PC board larger first. Look forward to hearing from you.