Displays the total amount of copier memory installed. After checking the test pattern, press! The corrected pixels are compared with an error diffusion matrix. For example, the Text indicator can be allocated to Photo 3, and the Photo indicator can be allocated to Special 4. The toner density control process is changed see the note below the table. IOB [A] all connectors,! Reinstall the cover removed in step 3 1 rivet.

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Nashuatec D – MrToner

Buttons 5 to 11 only scroll through numbers 0 to 9. Switch the machine on, and download the firmware see section 5. Connect the connecting harness [C] to the copier. Input the class-3 number for the test pattern you need. Jam code see the table below 7.

You can select either a curve for textbased originals brings out text or a curve for photo originals better distinctions between shades of dark colors. Press the Original Type key and the OK or! WMF Because the drum charge roller [A] always contacts the drum, it gets dirty easily.

  100 3C905C TX DRIVER

However, enable this mode if fusing is incomplete on the 1st and 2nd copies, which may occur if the room is cold. Paper did not reach the registration sensor from the by-pass tray.

Ricoh AE011065, Upper Fuser Roller, 1015, 1018- Original

Attach the appropriate scale decal [I] as shown. However, it is a trade-off between the two: Press in on the latch, and pull out the PCU.

See the previous page. Special Paper Size 1.

Do not turn any of the CCD positioning screws. Turn off the main switch and disconnect the power cord, the telephone line, and the network cable. When reinstalling the motor: The aricio pixels are compared with an error diffusion matrix. Laser unit cover [C]! Remove the cover [A] 1 rivet. Main scan magnification B: Use these values to check the operational status of the ID sensor.

Front right cover [B]! The charge remains on the surface of the drum because the OPC layer has a high electrical resistance in the dark. Select the SP number that corresponds to the component you wish to check see the table belowthen press OK or!.


Aficio 1015/Aficio 1018/Aficio 1018D, 1505/1805/1805d, 1508/1808

Separate the PCU into two sections as shown 5 screws. Error Diffusion Error diffusion reduces the difference in contrast between light and dark areas of a halftone image.

1805s the lamp together with the lamp cable. In all modes, ID gamma correction can be adjusted with SP Separate the fusing unit!

No SC code is generated if the ID sensor is defective. The 2nd scanner speed is half that of the 1st scanner.

After finishing, press the! Left lower cover [A]! To determine whether to change the drum charge roller voltage, the machine compares Vsdp with Vsg.