Page 34 – Motion: This chapter describes IPView Pro, which is a powerful software application designed with a user-friendly interface for ease of control and navigation requirements. Tools The Tools item allows you to configure to the alarm and e-mail setting. System Configuration Screen will appear in the View Window as shown below. Page 32 50 Hz or 60 Hz default.

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AirLive WLCAM WiFi Pan-Tilt Cam Review | TechPowerUp

Allows you to upload the recorded image only, and skip the empty files. Move your mouse onto the Maintenance button, and it will automatically pop up a submenu bar as below. For routing messages properly within your network, each device requires a unique IP address. Click Next in the welcome screen.

If you select Schedule Record or Motion Record, the system will record the video clip according to the settings in System Configuration.

Page service provider controls the IP address of any device it connects to wk-5460cam Internet.

Removing A Cameraand the View Window will display the view as figure 1. The real-time image from the camera will be displayed in the Video Show Area. The power supply used might be at fault. Account This filed allows the system administrator to manage the account information.


Enter the e-mail port used in your computer. Page 75 Configuring the System Clicking the Configuration button on the panel allows you to configure the system settings, and the System Configuration Screen will appear in the View Window as shown below.

Air Live WL-5460CAM Manuals

Click the Configuration button to enter the System Configuration. Click Yes in the pop-up dialog box to confirm. The computers are in different geographic locations and are connected by telephone lines or radio waves.

Page 42 Day and Time options Smart Recording: The higher setting can obtain better quality; however, it will use more resource within your network. For example, the decimal number 15 is represented as F in the hexadecimal numbering system. Play button on the panel, and the following dialog screen will appear, allowing you to select the file to playback. Selecting this al-5460cam allows the system to play music.

You wl-5460czm set a particular patrol area; it will then move its lens in both horizontal and vertical direction continuously to scan the area. Enter the default username and password. Enter the title of the e-mail. It consists of several pairs of wires enclosed in an unshielded sheath. The Video submenu contains three options: Antenna The rotatable external antenna allows you to adjust its position to obtain the maximum signal.


Click Reboot to restart the camera. Once configured, click Save to save the settings, and then click the Configuration button again to exit configuration.

Play Button Play the recorded video file in the computer. Basic J Report The last step provides some tips when you have Internet access problems. If the network share folder allows you to login using Anonymous, you aidlive be able to upload the images without enter the User Name and Password.

Click Basic in the top menu bar to start the step-by-step configuration.

Internet Explorer in aurlive manualand type the default IP address http: Select the Miscellaneous item, and then set the Error resilience option to none. Then, select the AVI file that you want to fix.