The APC40 does not lock out the mouse. I have taken out the requirement to use a mixer with 4 decks on internal mode. Test it if you want! There are button to assign the Timecode to any of the internal decks Still under Construction I changed the Seek Buttons to the Pitch Faders on each deck and the Crossfade assignment to fine adjustment on the Pitch. APC40 mkII comes packed with a music production suite that includes a version of Ableton Live, two high-definition virtual synthesizers, and 5GB of professional samples and loops for immediate out-of-the-box music creation. Check all of the boxes in there. What version of OS X is your newer Mac running?

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From the legendary MPC series that changed the way music is made to the industry-standard MPD and MPK controllers, Akai Professional is revered by musicians, DJs, and producers everywhere for creating the feel that powers their creativity. Each d displays on the matrix in a different color so you can get a quick picture of each clip current state.

AKAI Professional – Akai APC40 – Setting Up an Ableton Live DJ Template

Comprised of a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects, Twist lets you create serious sounds using simple controls. There is no way to bank through to go to a 5th bank. For example, when you press the shift button and press the second button down in the second row, you’d be moving the ring to tracks and scenes Community-powered support for Akai Professional. You can use a sustain pedal, a simple open-close foot pedal, or any momentary non-latching switch.


Now the software will simply list any incoming messages from the APC40 test by pushing buttons, turning knobs, etc Repeat to create another audio track.

Create a new topic About this Question 1. Send audio to the Cue channel by arming the Headphone button in the Audio Track. Here is a link to an intro video.

The instrument raised the standards of controller design, revolutionized hardware and software integration, and proved to be an essential performance tool for Ableton Live users everywhere. Combining the APC40 with Ableton Live transforms your experience from constructing tracks on a computer to fluid, musical creation.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Finally, five Toolroom artist launch packs and five Prime Loops sample packs feature an eclectic mix of sounds from today’s electronic music scene. Test it if you want! Channel faders, bus faders, and a crossfader give you smooth control of key values. It supports two decks and two sample decks. These LED rings make it easy to see your xkai on dark stages, indicating the currently selected parameters’ values. RGB lighting provides visual feedback and displays three clip statuses—loaded, playing, and recording—so you can intelligently perform without looking at your computer.

The mood in here. You would have to turn off remote control in MIDI preferences to do this. If the volume on the screen is at the bottom and the fader is at the top, Live won’t start responding until you move the fader up to the top position it really is at in the software. The button will be gray when Cue is selected.


All of the knobs and faders are solid and precise for pinpoint performance. The APC40 has a akia range of controllers.

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help! Straightforward and simple setup for the Akai APC40 controller.

Akai APC40 not recognized in Ableton on iMac Why?

The scene buttons move you to extra banks of scenes. Ableton selected Akai Professional as its partner in developing the APC40 because of Akai Pro’s leadership position in great-feeling controllers that are rock solid, rugged, and precise.

Virtually any momentary, non-latching switch akia. For example, you might be working with the Beat Decoder on track two. The blue knob with the picture of a headphone controls the cue channel volume.

DJ Long April 12, Open the Preferences menu in Ableton Live. First-time setup is literally three steps: USB, Two assignable footswitch inputs Requirements: