I keep it running in a x window on my 23″ Cinema display. I plan to try QT Broadcaster next week with 2 cards in my G5. When it arrived I downloaded the latest version of the software version 2. They indicated to me that at least one of the bugs has been fixed and should be available in another update soon. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Because I wanted to use the card to record some information of my cable-tv-provider and use it in further multimedia apps or even write the movies to a DVD I am disappointed. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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Other than that, they both worked. I only watch tv in a small window x or x while i work or FM radio and its great.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The same day my last report was published on xlr8yourmac I received an E-Mail from Miglia, first asking if I’d tried the new software, and also giving information on exchanging the whole unit card, remote control, and IR cable.

No disk was in the DVD burner. Upon a Cmd F for full screen, the software will not give up control of the computer to other programs in the menu bar IE: I wonder if the PC world has this more under control, as they have a lot more choices and experience. In this case, I plugged in a VCR I usually only use when converting older videotapes to digital, but more on that in a moment. I’ve also tried using iDVD to convert a couple of recordings to DVD, as you would expect, this was seamless and my perception was this was faster than using MovieGate, the downside was that it didn’t allow me to add chapter marks.


I agree, it is quite bad, BUT there is an option in the View menu, “Optimize for Motion”, which solves the issue at the price of somewhat lower resolution. A week after sending the E-Mail with my location there was no response; I sent another E-Mail asking if they had forgot about me, and still no response after 2 days. Running the setuo assistant again fixed that, but after that I have a nasty artefact: Like quadrants 2,3 and 4 are black, while the one in the top left is good.

Because I wanted to use the card to record some information of my cable-tv-provider and use it in further multimedia apps or even write the movies to a DVD I am disappointed.

With this update v2. My also couldn’t handle MJPEG encoding at 30fps of the x stream without dropping frames and messing up lip synch. Download the Keyspan Remote Control Maps file at the following link: Digital tuner allows more flexibility, handy remote included, doubles as an analog-to-digital bridge, two-year warranty. Is there anyone out there who actually has this mysterious beta software from Miglia in their possession?

The IR receiver was a bit disappointing. I had to keep it in my G4 and get a different one for the G5. I assume one can get premium stations if you connect the AlchemyTV card directly to your cable box.


Now it’s much clearer, appears to be more elegant, potentially easier to use and enjoy. Miglia tech support is reasonably responsive.

Technical Specification

Vvr sure why anyone else didn’t mention this unless they didn’t use the remote? I have to hear both audio channels overlaying each other, because there is no way to select on or the other.

Screenshots can also be captured, as seen to the right. I have it in a dual 2GHz G5 orig model.

AlchemyTV DVR free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Running Mac OS 9. As I mentioned, I’ve been in touch with them before, and they’ve always been very responsive.

This technology is still new, although we expect it to flourish into a relatively painless task, just like capturing the video to a file. We recorded an episode of Jeopardy and came back shortly after the show ended and found a nice file waiting on our desktop. On my ATI, things make more sense ie.

I’ll be reinstalling version 2. I’m not happy yet, but I’m not dissatisfied enough to dismiss it as unworkable. This page has reader reports on the G5 i. Because of the instability of the software, you can’t really trust it dbr for that “must have” recording.