EarlK , May 11, I contacted the seller this morning, and told him about the condition of the driver diaphrams, but have not heard anything back yet. Russellc , May 8, Zilch , May 9, The time now is Gang-Twanger , May 7,

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I think they are suppose to be on the, side were it mounts on the horn, but both are D’s, the other one has the the screen on the horn side and in good conditon. Share This Page 80d.

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There were many “discoveries” in that thread, prime among them a new perspective as to whether NF is an 8- or a Ohm crossover. It really is a must if you want accurate reproduction as it tames the mid range and extends the HF in the drivers. This is what Altec did for their studio monitors or home speakers.

ZilchMay 11, Here’s a similar thread for reference! The way it looks to me is that someone tryed to glue the sreen on and let the glue run completely on the screen, then after realizing that the screen is plugged, I think they tryed to scrape that off,and wearing a hole through the screen.

I would definitely use the out board EQ unit especially if you are listening to classical music. He did say that he was in contact with the previous owner, as he had them rebuilt else were [not mentioning the company] But to be fair a refund, enought to repair the altce, and I will be happy, as mentioned in the above posts, best to send them in to GPA, and I think that is what I will be doing. Think I might try repairing the broken lead on the one diaphragm if I can think of a way to do it, and give them a try first instead of buying a pair of 16ohm diaphragms.


The way they sound now, I would not want to hook them up to my sound system,they altwc more P. I would further have to guess that the diaphragm material itself, it’s thickness, and method of being formed are not held to nearly as close tolerances as in genuine Altec and GPA phragms.

Sofor all 16 ohm components you pretty much are stuck with copying the NF with an additional HF contour circuit if the stock network doesn’t have enough HF to suit your taste. Thanks for your help Earl!! I also notice the magnet was not in perfect alignment, measuring with feeler quages, one side of the magnet was closer to the housing by. I then can post the picture and we can see what diaphram it is.

Altec 802D

They have a pleasant, of all things, “woody,” coloration. ZilchMay 9, Results 1 to 8 of 8. Without question the has the high frequency extension advantage. The author of that thread was pretty succesful using 8 ohm drivers with the following RC contour circuit added after his NF altex.


Ordered ND crossover from ebay. If anyone could provide me with the specifications for wltec altec drivers that would 802v very appreciated thanks in advance david. The time now is Art uses the same components, I think all 8 ohms. Log in or Sign up. A long, but quite worthwhile read on the Lansing site. The other, I can’t get enought volume out of it, but sounds good other wise, not as harsh. Yes, my password is: So I will wait and see what the sellers reply to that is. HiFiCanadaMay 9, Aotec the drivers back through the boarder can be a pain.

I think I’d ask that eBay seller for partial refund, something sounds fishy with this whole deal.

Damp the lips, if you feel it is necessary, after doing that Great Plains audio might have info on that. HiFiCanadaMay 8,