It accepts the following arguments:. Return current GPU offset of the object. The default is 0 auto. Joined Nov 2, Messages 0. Pinning means to lock pages in memory along with keeping them at a fixed offset.

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Joined Aug 16, Messages 20, 4. Tears down work functions for hotplug and reset interrupts, disables MSI functionality, shuts down vblank, hotplug and reset interrupt handling, turns off interrupts from all sources all ASICs.

To create a custom set of heuristics, write a string of numbers to the file starting with the number of the custom profile along with a setting for each heuristic parameter. Use this parameter to disable specific blocks. Gart memory linearizes non-contiguous pages of system memory, tart GPU access system memory in a linezrized fashion.


Reading this file outputs a list of all of the predefined power profiles and the relevant heuristics settings for that profile. The amdgpu grt provides a sysfs API for adjusting what power levels are enabled for a given power state. The default is It accepts the following arguments: This is only needed when running on an emulator.


Set GPU scheduler timeout value in ms. The default is the current set of stable display features. The default is -1 auto, enabled.

Thread starter Benetanegia Start date Dec 8, The default is -1 automatic for each asic. The work gets scheduled from the IRQ handler if there was a hotplug interrupt. Send sigterm to HSA process on unhandled exceptions. Add bo agrt the list of bos associated with the vm. The benefit is entirely for compute applications.

Find bo inside the requested vm. Memory in this pool could be swapped out to disk if there is pressure. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community.

Default is not to send sigterm but just print grat on dmesg. After this, it sends a DRM hotplug event to alert userspace.

AMD Linux/AGP bug explained –

When the profiling modes are selected, clock and power gating are disabled and the clocks are set for different profiling cases. Makes sure that the shared DMA buffer can be accessed by the target device. Note that the IP blocks do not have a fixed index. Return The virtual address of the mapping or an error pointer. Override VM update mode. Any one else remember that?


If handling an interrupt requires calling kernel functions that may sleep processing is dispatched to work handlers. This necessitates evicting all user-mode queues of the process. For CIK asic, when radeon driver is enabled, set value 0 to use radeon driver, while set value 1 to use amdgpu driver.

Evicts all VRAM buffers on the lru list of the memory type.

The SMU firmware computes a percentage of load based on the aggregate activity level in the IP cores.