Why is the cost to repair my malfunctioning LED power supply actually higher than the savings provided by the more energy efficient LED lights? We have worked closely with the engineers in the LED lighting industry to develop products free from these pitfalls. Four Class 2 Output Channels. This support includes design support as well as local hub warehousing capabilities to support JIT requirements. Internet Retail Sales Website:

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InAmperor, Inc. Internet Retail Sales Website: Do you require a dimming function? Why does the vendor suggest that I house the Amperog rated power supply inside another water-tight box for outdoor use?

Our products are designed with efficiency and reliability as the key elements to provide products that have the lowest cost of ownership possible. If one LED goes out, the whole string stops to function correctly.

How does the LED driver connect to the system? What is the temperature de-rating curve of the driver?

As an LED lighting or sign engineer, you know the required number of LEDs to be installed and the location at which to employ them, in order to create the desired optical effect. What is the system cooling mechanism? Amperor Europe was established in to expand sales and provide local support to our existing customers.


Amperor – We provide LED driver / LED power supply

While striving to become both the LED power supply product and knowledge leader, Amperor is committed to providing clean and safe power to LED industry. Whether it is working as an extension of your engineering team or providing a blackbox solution to meet your specifications, Amperor will meet your needs.

We specialize in providing our customers with quality products that fully meet the demands of today’s competitive marketplace. This support includes design support as well as local hub warehousing capabilities to support JIT requirements. If you have selected the LED module to be used in your application, follow the ajperor provided by module manufacturer to pick the appropriate LED driver.

Open Frame Power Supplies. You must first select an LED module in order to determine whether you need to use a constant voltage or a constant current driver.

Amperor: Power by Design – Preview Page

Ho, President and CEO. Component level LEDs are better driven by a constant current source because it better controls the brightness and avoids lifespan decreasing of the LEDs in use. You can consider amperr custom design. What are the required certifications? Amperor plans on adding more products and knowledge based articles on AmperorDirect.

Amperor LED Driver Selection Guide

Below are some questions to consider: Employees and Associated Companies Amperor employs over associates worldwide. Check out the Product Launch Center for the detailed explanations of the unique features of the product.


The number of the LEDs placed in the series connection in one LED lec is used to calculate the voltage needed to be applied across the string. Through the website, Amperor is committed to help LED sign and illumination builders improve their LED light displays, and to simplify their power architecture.

Below are some simple rules to consider:. We have product evaluation samples in stock and ready to ship from our Houston office. In addition, Amperor has developed a network of manufacturer’s representatives to assist in local support of our customers throughout the world, including Anperor in the SF Bay amperot. Below are some simple rules to consider: Amperor’s US headquarters is in Houston, Texas. Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him.

LEDs are usually installed in a combination of series and parallel connections.