There is nothing to complain with layout. Excellent build quality — keys, buttons, and screen firm and well built Great Duo Core and graphics performance Classy look Beautiful screen Carbon fiber material Inexpensive Wealth of connectivity options I like the mouse! Battery Eater Readers test – corresponds for instance to the maximum runtime min. The adapter takes the cake — it gets too hot even for me, and makes me wonder if it is spoilt. Be prepared to fork out extra for a better carrier. There is Bluetooth available as well, adding to the wealth of connectivity options. Only with older benchmark tests the video card combined with a faster processor can obtain clearly better values.

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Asus A6JC – External Reviews

The machine runs with practically no sound, and I am very happy with this aspect, except for the times when you are running a DVD or CD. Due to my need to travel to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the service centre very near my future residence.

Against the current trend, the battery of the Asus A6J is accommodated in the front of the chassis. I would have though an Expresscard slot would be more appropriate, but as I personally see no use for expansion currently, it is not an issue.

Only an infrared a6u is missing.


Review Asus A6Ja

It is widescreen, which is perfect for DVDs and opening multiple windows side by side no sweat for the Duo Core processor. Also, the A6k key on the left is on the left of the left Ctrl button, which FPS gamers may not be used to initially. The webcam works fine but requires third-party software to capture pictures at 1.

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A6J | ASUS Global

Next, the Hotkey software does not allow customization of software. Even the eject button on this drive feels pretty good.

The buttons may be stiff to some, but personally I need the physical feedback. The memory card slot has a solid spring action, and is protected by a dummy card. Note that the email indicator works with only Microsoft Outlook. The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average runtimes.

Even the ASUS logo looks classy, and all the buttons, touchpad etc are very well made and fitted. The reason is that the battery is accommodated in the front range of the laptop.

Sporting a Dual-Core T 1.

And I like the ASUS screensaver, it makes use of the sounds, animation and even the webcam to conjure a cool effect. As the battery is positioned in the front, there is free space for the fan in the back. The adapter takes the cake — it gets too hot even for me, and makes me wonder if it is spoilt. Also, it is unfortunate that the webcam cannot swivel, turn nor zoom, so basically it can only see the user, some background and not much else. It vldeo low-cost for its specs yet feels and looks expensive and performs well.


Next is the touchpad, which looks really nice. Excellent in a66j opinion, a Logitech product.

Within the right area in front of the keyboard we could determine crunches under pressure. I settled on this model about a month ago because of the graphics card — I play a fair a66j of games, though not exactly hardcore level.

Fortunately there is a third-party software at http: It is a Build, Design, and Connectivity: But their provision of global customer support for 2 years is excellent and they have a nice little wallet-sized card with worldwide support telephone numbers.

The double hook sealing system is handled by two slidegate valves, which are functioning separately from each other. I would prefer if it would alert you of new mail through the indicator lights whether the email program is open and work with any client rather than just Outlook. The top side especially in front of the keyboard remained pleasantly cool. The keys are sufficiently large and are characterised by a pleasant easily fitting with springs pressurewhich is accompanied by a quiet clicking noise.