You can see more detail regarding the V optical mouse on Logitech. The keyboard is great compared to other laptop keyboards. The cooling system must be very efficient. The Asus F3Ja comes with a two year international warranty. I haggled a little on price.

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Specifications for F3Ja as reviewed: Sometimes I would accidentally touch the scrolling function and a webpage would move up and down. I will name the function keys in order from left to right: Battery life and performance differs with the use of each different Power4 Gear mode.

I also added another 1GB of ram total: The driver is already pre-loaded in Windows; you just need to run the installation. Asus finally switched the two keys around so right d3a the Ctrl key is located to the far left and Fn key is at the right.

It has six modes which include: As for the touchpad mouse button, it has an Apple like design. Files copy and program installation is normal and occurs at decent speeds.

These load times quoted above zsus taken after I installed all the software I usually use, so it should be faster when you have your first startup.


It works like any other touchpad mouse button so this is fine in my opinion. The laptop weighs about 2.

F3A | ASUS Global

It takes about 45 seconds to get to the login screen. Intel Core Duo Processor T 1.

You open the lid by pressing asue black small button at the front of the laptop. The laptop itself is silvery grey with a combination of black on certain surfaces such as the keyboard and black strip at the bottom of the laptop lid.

The laptop has felt surprisingly cool throughout my use.

ASUS F3A user manuals

Just as a reminder, remember to install the Bluetooth driver before you want to connect any devices zsus Bluetooth. It fits the Other than that, it has everything I need. It only makes limited sound that comes when initially reading a CD. Operating System and Software: It does not flex. As for the messenger bag, it asu very handy. There are even two USB ports located at the rear side, which is good for external mouse users.

Asus F3A Manuals

They are just average laptop speakers. It was there that I was introduced to the Asus F3 series laptop. The screen is very bright and the viewing angle of the screen is fine too. If you feel the screen with your fingertips, you will notice this hard and protective layer.


The texture is smooth and comfortable.

Asus F3Ja Review (pics, specs)

It should be close to the score of This software can be used when users want to change the settings for the screen. I need a computer that is portable enough for me to take around campus and powerful enough for me to play games such as Battlefield 2 — or any other high end graphic games. I myself am buying an Ogio 3fa bag as a school bag. There are 8 Power4 Gear modes, below are the predicted battery times in each mode:.

Then I went to a computer convention in Taipei I live in Taiwan.