When asked how it works he stated via the drivers across the PCI bus – but when looking at the drivers they look like Philips generic drivers to me. You might be able to use the framegrabber device file to use the card as a software encoder without the firmware upload, though. However, this problems seems to have been resolved as of kernel 2. June 9, 7. No, create an account now. On the reference system, the video devices were present, but subsequent tests produced video but no audio.

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If you have problems or want to check some low-level configurations, you can review driver installation. Once you’ve taken these steps, the driver should load the firmware automatically, at least assuming you’re using hotplug or udev.

For that price I may have to pick one up. Software Bundle Software for Windows is included to watch and record television.

CodeMonkeyJune 8, Once the drivers are installed and appear to be working, you can configure the device in MythTV. In other words – MP will scale it down – it will be fine.

The delivered bitrate seems to match what MythTV requests, though. This should produce a video stream using whatever channel or input the device is configured to use by default. Finally, here are the kernel messages from the drivers being loaded, as reported in dmesg output:.


Terra August 11, This problem was easily remedied with the v4lctl utility, which was part of the xawtv package on the Gentoo reference system:.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. This card is quirky enough that it may not be the safest choice for a primary MythTV tuner with earlier kernels; however, the use of a separate channel-change script makes it reliable enough to be used as a secondary tuner or if you never want to channel surf.

MarcusbJune 8, It’s conceivable that calling v4lctl directly, rather than in a script, would work around the problem. Easy Driver Pro free scan will find all the outdated drivers on your PC. See any errors on this page? Alternatively, you can try using cat to copy a video stream to a file, which you can then examine using tools that can handle MPEG-2 video:.

As a reference, here are the modules loaded on the reference system:. The initial version of this wiki entry was written using a bare-bones coaxial-only MD as a reference. The card contains just one tuner, so any attempt to use both simultaneously as MythTV would likely try, mcee or later can’t do anything good.

AVerMedia UltraTV 1500 MCE Tuner Card

Yes, my password is: Furthermore, there appears to be avedmedia issues when switching between hardware encoding and frame buffer access with kernels as late as 2. The Aver card requires an analog card in the machine also.


The card seems to be unresponsive to attempts to change its video recording resolution; it returns a x MPEG-2 stream no matter what resolution is requested. This is a great choice for watching and recording television programs on your computer. If you do experience this problem, a little experimentation revealed a workaround: Having a proper PVR card for avergv capture is the best way anyway.

AVerMedia UltraTV MCE TV Tuner MPEG 2 Card | eBay

June 8, 3. Such a use will require you to load the cxalsa driver, which provides ALSA device files to access the video card’s audio stream. June 9, 6. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. If problems are encountered when switching between MPEG access and frame buffer access, module reloading is recommended.

But anyway – I would steer clear of it unless someone can tell us otherwise under MP without an analogue card in the system that is. June 8, 2. In tests with 2.