Sahi needs to be running before running our tests. All the code used in the following examples is available at https: Users are always talking with web applications through browsers. In Conclusion Once again, you can find all of the above code samples at https: The default one is The download can be found at http:

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There a several things we can test on this page, and before we begin testing we need to define exactly what will be tested. The default one is We have added a setUp method here which before each test ensures the browser session is on the right page and then gets the document element from the page. Note Notice, that the first argument of SahiDriver is always a browser name, supported by Sahi.

With this you can create remote connections to Selenium in BrowserStack directly from your running Mink code.

Remember that before we can run the tests Sahi needs to be running. SahiDriver provides a bridge for the Sahi browser controller.

SahiDriver — Mink documentation

Next we assert that the initial value of both the select box and the text span is happy. All the code used in the following examples is sayi at https: The tearDown method resets the session, effectively clearing cookies behta browsing data without closing the bheat. We will use composer in order to manage the dependencies of our tests. The first thing to notice is that our class extends our MinkTestCase template, meaning we can just write a very simple method to open a web page without the need to do any setup.


Planning Our Tests For the purpose of this tutorial I have created a very basic page which we can test, this page can be found at http: Welcome to the Mink documentation!

First, though, we will write a PHPUnit test case template class for our Mink tests which we can extend. Run composer install to get the dependencies.

You will start to see the browser open and run the sequence begat tasks we defined within our tests. Mink makes it easy for us to change our browser controller, and we can easily switch to a similar one such as Selenium or a headless emulator such as Goutte.

Require the appropriate dependencies:. You should fill this with null if you want Sahi to start your browser automatically or with some unique string if you want to control an already started browser. First we mnik that the options within the select box are what we expect happy, sad, angry.

PHP Automated Functional Testing Using Mink

Now we have written our tests, we need to run them in order to get the results. Sahi saui to be running before running our tests. In this case you must use the different call php composer. Some Other Posts Up and running: These are a very straightforward set of tests to give an insight as to what is possible with Mink.

zahi This first uses the find method on the page to retrieve the h1 tag and then the getText method on the h1 element to get the header text. However, this is often overlooked by developers due to the overhead of writing these automated tests initially, despite the amount of problems and time it can save further down the road. PHP Automated Functional Testing Using Mink Nov 22nd George Webb Functional testing involves testing an application or website from the perspective of a user, through the user interface, ensuring that the core functionality works as expected.


Welcome to the Mink documentation! — Mink documentation

So, in order to test that our web application behaves correctly, we need a way to simulate this interaction between the browser and the web application in our tests. Notice, that the first argument of SahiDriver is always a browser name, supported by Sahi.

In order to be able to use additional drivers, you should install them through composer. The tearDownAfterClass method stops the sessions and closes the browser window.

Mink is a php 5. The recommended way to install Mink with all its dependencies is through Composer: Finally, include the Composer autoloading script to your project:.