Add the following line to the bottom of the file: DB-9 Male Front pin view. Adapters based on the PL include: The at the end is the baud rate. Then, Save setup as dfl default and Exit.

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Your Tablet’s Connection Serial model Wacom tablets come with one of two connectors: Adapters based on FTDI chips include: Select this port name in a terminal program.

Mac Mitel Clocks Contents. Change your OS X terminal window size to 80×25 1 line more so you can see the bottom Minicom status oos. This adapter is almost as expensive as the Keyspan, so you may want something with better vendor support. You can use screenalthough Minicom or a GUI program offer more features and functionality.

I use this adapter for development, and it works very well with Wacom tablets. Tripplite has posted drivers for all the Keyspan Serial adapters at these links: Open a new window for this change to take effect.

It may be necessary to remove any previous driver before installing a newer one, eg: DB-9 Male Front oe view.


You just need a serial to USB adapter, the right driver, and some Terminal software. Minicom Alternatively, if you’d like a few more features, and a retro feel, you can install minicom 2.

Mac’s and serial TTY’s

Always launch minicomwith your selected serial adapter plugged in and available to avoid an error. You can use any standard rate, eg,or for a Sig Server!

The at the end is the baud rate. Finding the right adapter for your particular tablet can be a challenge.

Run minicom -s first to configure your serial interface device name, and other options. Type man screen in Terminal for further information on screen.

Belkin F5u103 Serial Adapter

Adapters based on the PL include: This page should help mav up any confusion you might have regarding adapters. Add the following line to the bottom of the file: My only caveat is that it’s very expensive! Someone even made a convenient package installer that should make things a bit easier.

Screen It’s not actually necessary to download an install extra software, as you can use the Mac OS X built in Terminal and screen.

Belkin F5u Serial Adapter | Mac Support

And what about low price generic adapters? Some adapters may supply power directly to the tablet while others require external power.


Serial Adapters Oa the right adapter for your particular tablet can be a challenge. If you can’t find a driver for your adapter eg, Belkintry Serial which has built-in support for many USB-Serial devices.

So, what’s the difference? Then, Save setup as dfl default and Exit.

Mac’s and serial TTY’s

We now need to install some terminal emulation software before we can connect to anything. This driver has had issues in the past but recently some people have reported success with it. Connect Sign in using Facebook. However reports seem to indicate that it doesn’t supply power to the tablet, so you should only use this adapter with externally-powered tablets.