The irons had so much draw I had to aim almost off the fairway. I also spoke with owners of many of the businesses that sell those products and confirmed from that end as well. In fact each of our testers produced average speeds MPH faster with the Burner. Tess 7 years ago. Looking for a clone golf club that is similar to your favorite brand? I have a set of irons by Affinity. Howie Stevenson 3 years ago.

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Twin Engine Compare to: A lot of the posts in this thread are opinions, I prefer facts. Heater F Hybrid Set Compare to: Posted December lcone, Has anyone ever stolen an idea or proposal you have written?

Clone irons are typically cheaply manufactured without the performance standards or the materials of golf clubs produced by original equipment manufacturers. Heater B3 Compare to: Same way with a bad club.

Pinemeadow Golf Golf Club Clone: My back and joints are grateful. Some of you that shout the accolades of name brand clubs and tell everyone else the pitfalls of playing clones… you probably never hit a quality clone before.

MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

Liou reached a settlement with Callaway. The deal is, my bag cost what some people pay for a set of irons.


These shafts do perform differently from one another. Good thing is, I will be able to get all of my money back for my Pings, maybe even make a little. I hit the ball very low with a low draw for irons but fade a driver. The major brands will design the head then turn the proof over to a foundry to produce the raw casting. I’ve changed a whole lot of grips in my time, and it amazes me to see some of the low quality, low cost grips on some of the expensive name brand clubs.

In fact each of our testers produced average speeds MPH faster with the Burner. Titanium also helps increase the size of the sweet spot on these irons, helping golfers hit the ball farther more consistently. Liou, Kent Graphtec and Trophy Sports, a separate company started by Jethro and his mother, Yeh-Chyn, in latehad breached the settlement by continuing to sell Big Bursars. Spend a few minutes on http: How about paint quality?

Discount TaylorMade Golf Clubs – TaylorMade Club Clones – Diamond Tour

I played a set of extremely cheap looking rental clubs. Giga Golf Verve To be conservative, our shafts are at least as good as the original equipment shafts on the name brands. So here is my take. I hate the sound. Regardless if it is a clone or a brand name. In my humble opinion Geek and Krank and maybe Bang are all longer than the Rocketballz Driver with similar shafts.


Our prices are significantly lower due to a lack of marketing and advertising costs, and the atylormade incurred from the lack of these costs are in effect passed directly to you. It does however cost money to get started in golf. TaylorMade Clone Golf Drivers.

I think that you are just talking B. I agree that most component companies copy other designs. It is what you’re holding onto, and gives you the feel of the club. This is a Huge cost.