The boat had an alarming tendency to fall on its nose at high speeds. With the de-emphasis on the importance of the Gold Cup race location, the significance of that prestigious event was, for the first time, eclipsed by the annual contest for the National High Point Championship. But the “old man” still had one win left in him. Muncey and C had now won twelve heats in a row miles at a winning pace. During the season with Don Wilson in the cockpit, she ran continually in the middle of the pack, showing all of her six years of wear and tear. Muncey had his ninth consecutive win, but hopes for a perfect season were dashed the following race at Ogden, Utah when the Atlas would go dead in the water, allowing Chip Hanauer to win his first career race in the Squire Shop.

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As the President’s Cup winner, Muncey earned the privilege of having the cup presented to him by the Chief Executive of the United States. Beginning with the first heat of the first race ofMuncey and C had never failed to finish. The next season the Budweiser team would debut another Griffon power hull and this time the team was ready to dominate, winning a record twenty heats in a row en route to the championship.

This was nothing short of amazing. One of the human ironies is the way in which the world rolls out the red carpet for the underdog. He moved to a new Atlas Van Lines boat in and won twenty times in the next three seasons. But no one–not even the great Muncey–has ever won everything percent during a given year. Heavy rains pelted the race area and put the rest of the day’s schedule in doubt. Muncey spent the entire night after the race at the local hospital waiting for updated news on Jack’s condition.


The thousands of spectators lining the Ohio River at Evansville in could not have known it at the time, but to them was accorded a rare privilege–one that sports fans dream about. His boat, however, was a total wreck. It would not be their last.

Bill Muncey Remembered

At the dock, Muncey acknowledged that this was indeed his greatest season. In Heat 3B the Miss Madison wired a perfect start and appeared to have the heat in hand after the Miss Budweiser struck a buoy. A third Muncey victory in the Gold Cup would have to wait for another day in another season. The teams blil commercial sponsors pointed out that spectators would be virtually non-existent at that early hour.

Bill Muncey – Wikipedia

The situation was almost a replay of the Gold Bilo controversy wherein Bill Muncey had just missed winning the big race. During those six campaigns, he had only won four races.

They had also finished 21 heats in a row without a single DNF. Unfortunately, the inevitable disputes between the two factions were all too often distorted out of all proportion by the sensation-seeking news media.

Muncey, to share the excitement of winning.

The Atlas Van Lines team scored a convincing win at the Gold Cup in Detroit in a race in which hardly anyone left unscathed, including Myncey himself who had to miss the Gold Cup celebration in order to nurse sore ribs. As it turned out, a catastrophic event would happen in the following race in Tri-Cities.


From until his death at Acapulco inBill was the unchallenged superstar. On the last day of his boat’s career, Bill Muncey re-affirmed his position as the world’s fastest boat racer. Although nobody seemed to know what that meant at the time, it made everyone a little uneasy.

Bill Cantrell and Chuck Thompson had inferior equipment. Curiously enough, the middle and late sixties represent a time period seldom touched upon in the official Bill Muncey biographies.

Bill Muncey Remembered – Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

The newly crowned record holder could average no higher than Inthe Commission’s first full year of operation, twelve regattas had crowded the Unlimited calender. The team scored another three-heat grand slam. Wilson had hydroplanw Muncey’s roommate in college. Quitting would have meant debasing the sport that his friends had died enjoying, promoting, supporting, and participating in. The team’s flagship was the most successful Unlimited hydroplane in history and could only be described with superlatives.

Then he would turn right around and spend untold thousands flying in relatives from all over the country to see the races. And he won the race! Although mathmatically out of contention for the Mapes Trophy, Muncey entered the Final Heat anyway and vindicated himself by turning the fastest heat of the year at