It is possible that this situation also presents a security risk. This provides a ‘snapshot’ of the driver Only strictly BIOS-compliant programs will benefit. If you obtain one, please do NOT distribute it by posting it for download or file request. Almost all serial cards are 8-bit only, and a bit card is required to support the upper 8 interrupt levels available on AT class machines. However, the current version of BNU does have ‘hooks’ for an installable driver to link into BNU and carry out this task. How can I get BNU to use a different port address?

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Then execute a command, something like: All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April Dossil stub articles. Many problems reported with BNU 1. FOSSIL drivers are specific to the hardware they operate on because each is written to fit specifically to the serial interface hardware of that platform.

By observation, it is possible to calculate the optimum size for both receive and transmit buffers. It is possible that this situation also presents a security risk. These have in fact been developed, but the driver interface changed since BNU 1. Instead of “guessing” and using trial and error to see how well the driver performs, it is much better to enable the diagnostics window.

COM version only eg.

The software’s programmers only needed to talk to the serial driver in a standardized way to send and receive their data. This computer science article is a stub.


It looks only at one port when servicing interrupts. For other uses, see BNU disambiguation. Without the support of these people, I would fosail given up long ago. It represents the work of several FidoNet sysops who felt the fossip to provide a standard API for use in an environment which makes use of several software packages.

If someone makes a beta driver available for file request, they are doing so against my wishes, and are therefore breaching copyright.

BNU (software)

It has been proven stable on a wide variety of systems and, with specific exceptions, works better than any subsequent beta release see Q5. Even when the serial ports in question are built onto the same card, very few cards support their use on the same IRQ, and this is almost always mentioned very specifically as a feature of the card.

Fossik terms cover use of BNU, BNU beta test versions, any accompanying programs including any supplied source code and its documentation in commercial environments. The version number of that driver is as yet undecided.

This was further evidenced by the amount of mail being received regarding support for beta version drivers.

Toggling the panel “off” using LS-5 does not entirely defeat the CPU overhead required to service the panel. Views Read Edit View history. BNU is now in closed beta test only. See Q10 for more information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If the documentation does not metion IRQ sharing, then it almost invariably won’t work.


FOSSIL – Wikipedia

If you find any archive purporting to be a latest “release” of BNU than 1. If you find a beta version, you assume all risks. The window is in an initial “on” state, but can be toggled on or off by pressing LeftShift-Ctrl-5 the ‘5’ located on the numeric keypad.

Usual symptoms of the diagnostics panel impacting in a detrimental way on a system’s ability to communicate are failed handshaking between Fidonet mailers, poor resilience in file transfers when “task” switching under multitasking software, some spurious character loss from remote during terminal sessions, failure to initialise a modem and inability to detect incoming calls from a modem returning verbose response codes amongst others Basically, these cards are a mini-PC themselves, with CPU’s dedicated to servicing communications only, relieving the main CPU of all interrupt handling save the copying of data from common RAM to the application.

I ask only that the terms of the original distribution be honoured – that is, do not make it available for file request or download and do not transmit it by any other authomated means ie. Is this version 1. And to his poor users for putting up with “would you like to try something for me?