When it is complete the Welcome Screen will be displayed on your screen. The FaxPress server setup will create a temporary drive mapping to the volume chosen during the installation. The FaxPress server name dialog box requires a name for the FaxPress server. Please note that the FaxPress 9. You are installing on a NetWare 5 or 6. If this workstation is not running any version of Crystal Report, or if the version is 9. Setup creates an NDS default printer queue as the last step of the installation.

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If you want to move the FaxPress to another location following installation, you must reconfigure the IP address after the installation completes and before you move the unit.

You are installing on a NetWare 5 or 6.

We recommend that you use this mode of the installation only in the following conditions:. For instructions on the client setup, refer to Installing FaxPress Faxoress. You will not be able to install the Administration Tools that are available when installing the Administrator installation option.

Enter a valid, unique IP address for the FaxPress server. If everything is correct, select Continue.

The volume you select can be in any accessible context. You must have Novell Bindery Administrator privileges on the Novell server that you want to use as the FaxPress file server.


The software installs the database and files on the target file server and configures the FaxPress server.

Castelle FaxPress Getting Started Manual

Select Skip to enter the key at a later time and enable the FaxPress 9. The FaxPress installation program will now copy all the server software to your file server. For details on the client setup, refer to Installing FaxPress Clients. To install the FaxPress Client for supervisorsyou must log on with Castelke system supervisor privileges. NDPS is not supported.

Click Yes to keep your previous settings or No casteloe overwrite them and continue with the installation.

The program will copy the files to the network file server, configure the FaxPress and reset the FaxPress. The serial number is located on the bottom of the FaxPress unit. Log onto the NDS tree and file server with Administrator privileges.

FaxPress Client Installation

Please note that the FaxPress 9. This Question screen faxppress you to choose whether or not to copy FaxPress Documents folder – a 23 MB collection of all FaxPress documentation – along with the Administrator client files. All anti-virus software is disabled. If a parameter is incorrect, select Back.

This Key is deter- mined by your FaxPress unit’s serial number. Choose the Restart option from the Setup Complete window, or if you do not intend to launch the FaxPress software immediately, you can choose the Restart later option. Select the Novell file server for FaxPress from the file server list. Following the server installation, the FaxPress Administrator client software must be installed on a network workstation.


Click the Gaxpress key from web button to retrieve the digit key, enter the key, including all hyphens and excluding spaces, then click Continue.

The FaxPress server name dialog box requires a name for the FaxPress server. If you are re-installing the FaxPress software, an Installation Information window will display alerting you to the existence of a previous installation of FaxPress. Registered Trademarks or trademarks of their respec- tive owners.

The Destination Directory window requires you to approve the default installation directory, or Browse to a new one. Force Majeure Castelle shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or penalty resulting from delay due to causes beyond its con- trol, including, without limitation, delays by it suppliers or acts of God. Specify the personal folders directory castlle your local drive or on a network drive if you want to share those folders with other users.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Setup requires the serial number to locate the FaxPress server on the network.