It would cost just as much to ship it back to South Korea than it cost me for the thing So an extended warranty doesn’t cover shipping? We’ll try our best to help you out as far as we can. There are five different versions apparently. Not sure if all models are like this but mine had the European plug type on it but I have a singular converter so it wasn’t an issue for me. I’ll keep this thread updated if I run into any problems Sweet, thanks!

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Any words of reassurance?

Please Log In to post. This thing is pretty much a lottery since few people gets perfect panels while few others monitkr get a single dead pixel or some backlight bleeding around the edges and stuff. We are really sorry for this inconvenience. BPoole96 Follow Forum Posts: I took some AA off simply because I don’t need it.

Review: Yamakasi Catleap Q270

Please send a message back to us. I am a total novice when it comes to these things but I see these CatLeap monitors pop cztleap in a lot of threads these days.


GummiRaccoon Follow Forum Posts: BPoole96 Yeah I understand your views. The screen is so much more crisp than my p LCD monitor.

The way it was explained to me is that “two of the five versions minitor have tempered glass. The base attaches with 2 screws that go in from the underside of the base.

Catleap/QNIX/Tempest/X-Star monitor .inf files

You can minitor it but it’s a pain imo. South Korea is far away, how do I know what I am actually getting? Again, we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience.

I am not monitoe that risk averse, but damnnnnnn. We’ll wait for your reply. Bruin Follow Forum Posts: It’s a part of law in Korea. Trust us, doing this and getting a wall or desk mount will improve your experience with this monitor.

Even if they are fine out of the box, they may crap out after a while, right? The Q SE, yea?

YAMAKASI Catleap Q270 Multi 27 LED 2560×1440 LG S-ips Panel Built-in 2w

I couldn’t use a wall mount on the current desk I have since it has an overhead shelf where my receiver is. Sorry for this inconvenience.

We did have a one bright pixel, but were literally straining our eyes to see it, as it was only visible in white. A lot of ppl were reporting dust getting stuck between the glass and the panel itself.


I think I have bugged you and some others enough now. Well, the Catleap Q is sorely missing cahleap controls. No rotating though, that would be cool.

Review of the Yamakasi Catleap Q monitor |

To bring this subject up three days later. Example Its helped a lot with working on papers for school and such so I don’t have to constantly switching between windows. BPoole96 That is definitely a consideration once I get a new desk. We’ll try our best to catlewp you out as far as we can. Might wana move that, prolly isn’t too healthy.

Funnily it took me a while to find this after I’d set it up as the pixels are so small that it easily goes by unnoticed.