I notice it appears that AC is running to each motor connector. They will not execute G-Code directly, but, when a block line of G-Code is read by the controler, it jumps to a routine stored in the controler that will take the parameters from that line and do it. Power Transistors RF Transistor. You would have to obtain a suitable power supply for the Gecko drives. The difference causes an output to the motor to move the axis untill the counts match. Here’s some photos of the boards and start up screens.

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Ken, Yeah, there are lots of choices Is the value to the left g that the voltage? What could I do to lower the cost? Is the system really closed loop if it doesn’t return to the computer? The Delta Tau boards are full blown motion controllers that have their own processor, memory, and It’s maximum is 80 volts so a little perhaps. The only thing missing is supplying VAC to the drives. Perhaps that’s where the v stories of run-away machines come from?

Not bad if you already have that or can get it reasonably. After you pointed it out to me, there are so many motion control board level devices out there Electrical Socket Relay Sockets Semiconductor: It’d work, just not as quite as fast for a maximum speed. We probably have an vhips computer laying around I can have.


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I notice it appears that AC is running to each motor connector. Steve, I’m not ready for do-it-yourself electronics yet Brands Line Card Manufacturers.

Ken, Basicly you move the motion control into the PC and while running you should abstain from using the PC for other tasks. Ken, Chups DIY route will be time consuming and support will be almost non existant.

Looks like a more industrial-type arrangement on Motherboard with the Spartan chip The connector on the edge of the computer board designated PC that connects to the daughter board is a standard embeded computer interface bus connector used in the mid to late 90’s. WOuld I have to operate a motor maximum speeds to measure it correctly? I like the e-bay route. The workings of a CNC Control? The time now is For example, hcips a look at Mach3, you can download an operating demo version from their web site which appears to be down at the moment.

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It has 4 axis control leaving you open for a future rotary table perhaps and all the encoder inputs and analog outputs to feed your present drives. Whatever your manufacturing need, come to 1-Source to buy electric components from the leading electronic component distributors and electronic component suppliers!


As long as everything is working well, that should not be a problem. There are more boards under the shield on the drive Z shown I can take the shield off later and get more photos when the machine isn’t running if you need to see the boards.

The start-up screen indicates a co-processor is installed. Ken, The drive closes the loop. They should be able to put a package together for you that will work. Is it not connected? The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

I suppose it partly depends on how quickly you want to do it. I’m going to make a suggestion. The link to the VME cards