Do you already have an account? I also am trying to connect a Kurweil piano to it simply for input into Cubase and also to just monitor it from my speakers. Yes, my password is: For the track it should say “Mono In” as Input and “Stereo Out” as output Simplified this is how the signal flows when it comes to recording: How is the exteranl audio output supposed to work with an externally connected audio source?

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Can’t understand why i did this but all i did was ticked the box to enable the asio driver to work in the background,then about 3 seconds later i decided i wouldn’t bother,i’ve done without the option for three years why bother. I can get sound from the kore software cugase PFL mode only on the plugins, not the external xubase piano.

If you choose the “Getting Started” guide you will also find more introducing information to Cubase. Do you run antivirus in the background? Make sure that you have the virtual input bus connected to that track. That’s all i did,ticked the box,then unticked it. Besides that, it’s experimentation; everybody’s system is different.

[Merged] Cubase SX3 ASIO RME driver loading error –

Maybe you unchecked something without realizing it. All times are GMT Select the VST at the bottom of the list on the left.


All input output busses are properly set. What do you reccomend for the Asioo audio setting on the interface itself?. The troubleshooting guide’s good for most of the questions about setup.

Your name or email address: By clicking on the driver at this point and then clicking on the “Control Panel” button that particular page you will be able to open the ASIO driver specific control panel.

Setting up the Cubase Output for Monitoring To get started the “Output” tab in the VST Connections is the most important because only if you set this up correctly you will be able to hear the Cubase asiio. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Since i done this i can’t get a sound out of Cubase lol! Simplified this is how the Signal flows when it comes to playing back audio on an audio track: If i strum my guitar i see the input signal showing in the mixer,but no sound is coming out!

First of all, do you have 24 bit set as your bit depth in SX? Originally Posted by NYMorningstar.

Cubase sx3,ticked ‘run asio in background’then unticked,no sound?? – Home Recording forums

I’m not familiar with theirs but sometimes you need to unistall your old drivers before you can install new ones. My windows media player is fine,plays songs perfectly so the soundcard is ok M-audio I did not have that set correctly. I really can’t make recommendations on settings; I haven’t any idea of your system and how your chipset handles cubqse USB streams. Sign in to disable this ad.


I then decided i don’t really need to do this so i unticked the box,now i get no sound out of Cubase!! I don’t know what’s causing this but you might want to check out your aso preferences.

The first things to do when you startup Cubase: I’ve tried reinstalling the sound card drivers,and even uninstalling Cubase and reinstalling that but no difference,this is driving me mad! ASIO driver in VST Audiosystem If you own a dedicated soundcard make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest driver for this device from the website of the respective manufacturer.

I only use the card for Cubase and playing songs through Windows media player,that’s it!

The “VST Connections” are to connect the virtual buses in Cubase with the physical inputs and outputs of your hardware inputs and outputs. Now you must connect the virtual “Mono Bus” with the physical Input of your soundcard by clicking next to it in the “Device Port” column.