Helder 16 October at The problem was that the program otherwise looks for the folder images where ever you start the program and I use the Cairo Dock to start it and who knows which directory it looks in then Red spots are week and green strong signals and yellow in the middle the Signal to Noise Ratio SNR is also listed for each satellite. When I sent the command the dongle light went out and when I next plugged it in the light would stay on and not flash or write anything to the serial port. The GPS receiver takes its power from the PC it is attached to, so there are no extra wires or cables to tie you down.

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I selected different regions at a time and downloaded to a zoom level of 5 and to the best google could do for some towns I wanted.

Its compact design is ideal for applications with space limitations. Rafa 22 December at Hi, Yes I am in India – in Phaltan at the moment. But I will prob go to Goa for Christmas. What selection did u used to download Complete India maps.

USB GPS Dongle for Notebook, Laptop, UMPC

Hi, sorry I never saw your comment Rafa. All you need is: To ensure up-to-the-second accuracy, the receiver tracks up to dvgi-b07 satellites at a time, re-acquires satellite signals cggi-b07 about milliseconds and updates position data every second. Good Product Good Product,delivery took forever because of Christmas time, but now i have my first order and now that i know all works fine ,i will order more Works fine under Debian Wheezy,no drivers on CD for Linux at all,but also not necessary for me.


A compact size and low wholesale price make the CVGI-B07 perfect for the resale market and is provided direct to you by the worlds number one choice for the latest high-tech gadgets and budget-friendly prices: Product is in goede staat Moet zeer lang wachten op de bestelling. Note cvgi-b007 you can change the dimensions of the GMapCatcher’s window to automatically download the area you want.

Introduction This is not part of my travel diaries, but it is part of my preparation of going to India. Oh, did I forget to tell you that you should have run GMapsCatcher before so that you can view the maps offline when you are outside?

Conclusion That’s pretty much it. Hi Neville and cfgi-b07 for the response.

Built in Patch Antenna Minimum signal tracked: Try not to download too much sea! After a few moments the dongle starting flashing again. Even inside a steel vehicle, GPS’s normally work just fine using only their original integral antenna. My email cvgib07 is http: As it has a USB cvg-b07, it sounds to me as though it may actually be a receiver, and you will only need the software to go with it.

If you have a lock onto three or more satellites start maps. Not all GPS models have a socket for an external antenna, but if they do it is usually an MCX socket, so you would need to fit an MCX plug to the external antenna cable.


In rural India cvgi-h07 can be very difficult cvgi-b70 ask for directions because often the people are no better at helping me read my map than I am pronouncing a town’s name. Any other program you know that works in MAC. Hopefully plenty of exciting gibberish will fly past your eyes and you might even catch a glimpse of some text saying that it has locked onto a Satellite.

technology –

As the wholesaler, Chinavasion provides the GPS-enabled hardware only, not the software. This product is out of stock, and not coming back. Data output by this GPS receiver include: A, can it be done B how does it connect to computer, I’m assuming usb connection C if usb what terminals are used. Alok tps November at I have found it is rather slow from India so I shouldn’t be too ambitious at first. Alok 14 Ggps at I’ll let you know.