I have a MHz iMac from tray-loading that can’t take a wireless card, so I wanted something like this to get it on my wireless network D-Link DI router. There are lots of times when I get little or no reception and my pals with Dell laptops are doing great. The router just ignores other client card it does not know. I picked the latest one, for OS X Thanks to this amazing Thread, I, who did not feel that hunting down and buying an Airport card for my titanium Powerbook G4 now running

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Presumably you could avoid the problem by putting the USB antenna at the end of a cable, correct?

D-Link DWL-G122 rev C1

Clicks don’t always register, the icons remind me of Windows 3. In my case, it’s an eMac. I’ve got a 1. I know, WirelessUtilityUSB 1b provides the Profiles feature which, I guess, lets you save settings for each network you want to connect dwl-g1122, and for simple, quick reconnectionbut I couldn’t get it to work. Latest Mountain Lion Hints Maybe it’s just me. Click Apply 1b to acknowledge it, and something like “Ethernet Adpater en1 ” should appear where you probably have “Internal Modem” and “Built-in Ethernet” already listed.

Hope that helps someone out there! The dongle will not start up initially until you set your network up in the preference pane. Cheers, -Dick [ Reply to This ]. You should see a green light next to “Ethernet Adpater en1 ,” meaning the device is active A “Connected” status message should also appear at the bottom. I did not ddwl-g122 any successful reports of WEP working with my kind of config, hence my self-made conclusion and recommendation to switch to WPA thanks to “Ryhs” in the Ralink forums.


Nano 7 – backgrounds I have never had a break in using this type of security. Switch back via the Show menu to Network Status. I actually looked for that one, but didn’t find it, having read the older posting about using Railink drivers.

Okay, so I have an iBook clamshell and verB of the dwl-g And your network should work better, not having to encrypt packets. Please comment rwv email me via the author link at the top of the hint if you have questions.

D-Link DWL-G rev C1 – WikiDevi

I’m sorely tempted to go out and buy one but I’d like feedback on this thing first. I guess the problem doesn’t come from the dongle itself, but rather from a conflict with certain configurations.

I downloaded the lasted driver for There seem to be plenty of them on ebay, although a lot of the sellers don’t say and probably don’t know which version they’ve got. So unless you want to eev an unprotected wireless network which is totally unsafeyou must use WPA.


I see though, that people have been quoting the rev. Your dongle lights must be flashing by now.

D-Link Technical Support

Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. What do you guys think? I could only use it when I had no password assigned to my wireless network!

b11 Since you d-lijk the device via a web browser and it uses your Ethernet port you need no extra drivers, just configure your Ethernet port and you are good to go. Hi, My thanks as well for a great write-up on this. The only way to reconnect is to stop the radio, unplug it, plug it into the other USB port, then restart the radio.

That’s a little pricey for me After reading all of the information above, I first tried installing the Railink drivers and they worked just fine, but they were a bit clunky to work with. For other, less-exeperienced users, I have written a very detailed walkthrough, which is a combination of the old hint, personal experience, info found on Apple’s help pages, and d-linnk on the internet.