Then I took a strip of rubber and taped it to the back of the feeder tray so that it swings as the tray is raised into feed position and keeps the hole covered with the tray up or down. Since I only needed Black ink for my printing I never really cared to completey fix the color ink problem.. Oh I might add my printer is 8 yrs old. And what ink is compatible with this printer? I will not by a Dell printer again either. I’ve put a new one in but it keeps saying the same thing?

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I installed them into the printer and got error 50c. Ticked me off I found the dwll with the new ones and sent their refurbed crap back.

dell A940 printer does not print since upgraded to windows 7

Tempted to just buy a new printer that I can purchase cartridges for locally, instead of having to order them, I hate ordering them!!

I sent the 2 refurbs back to dell. I then pushed the On button and it did its thing and the cartridges went to the middle. I don’t mind telling you it was the VW wireless model.

There will be a message popping up on the computer about using complete a print. I already turn off and on my computer. I just bought it second-hand, the cartridges were supposed to be FULL and they show full. I still have 2. I have windows xp.


Dell a940 error C50

You can buy special photo cartridges, and you have to put them in each time you do photos, I think it’s got more to do with the age of the cartridge. I’m a novice prinnt didn’t want to tamper with it.

This site in other languages x. Im not familiar with the regestry other than dont mess with it if you dont back it up. After taking out the defective refill, I powered off, then on, then put it the empty cartridge again, and it asked me if it was new, etc.

I keep telling it to print as a photo but it still wont pull ink from the full cartridge. I get a “Cartridge Missing” warning and I simply hit continue – unknown.

I’d started wondering if there was some device detecting the enlarged del, in the top from the refilling, since it happened with the first refill Tell it “yes” and it will print one. Dell sent 2 refurbished replacements. Has anyone tried rotating cartridges in succession? Will it help to just change both of them.

I also have refilled my cartridges a few times, but for me it seems to be the color one causing problems. In this case the poka dots stink and they charge you more to smell them. Tried as many fixes listed but this one did the trick!


Did this solve your problem? The alignment page and the amber printer error light.

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It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then got blocked with a Dell message which I can’t switch off. After cleaning it all well I did the following: Same way with computers if you are type A get the best get a MAC. If you try to print while the alignment question is scrolling across the printer lcd you will get a printer busy warning on your computer. What is the problem, all of a sudden, it stops working, after I ask somebody to clean my computer, then this problem arises.

Always looks like it’s worked – the 50c error disappears – until I try to print a document or even an alignment page. The ultimate permanent fix for the A printer would be to purchase new cartridge snap-down levers the levers that snap down inside the dell printer to hold the cartridges, blue for color and black for black.

The 3rd one lasted about 5 months but I took the refurbed one that time. I live a ferry ride away from the nearest big city too!!