August 26, at 2: Dell Latitude D wireless You may also need to enable the card – either with a hardware toggle switch or using a function key Fn – F2 I think on many Dells. March 30, at 8: None Link to a FAQ. Provide an answer of your own, or ask davidkam for more information if necessary.

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I went back as you suggested Dawid and just reinstalled and rebooted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wifi on a Dell Latitude D620

September 26, at 5: When my laptop was running MSWindows it was easy, I didn’t have to do anything. October 6, at This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. Fortunately most Linux distributions come with the resolution program and include a simple way of achieving this.

I see a couple other Questions requarding this specific model and none seem to have a solution Register Recent changes Sitemap Login.


You just saved a laptop from a high velocity shock against a concrete wall!!! I followed some advice from other forums to try to install bcmwl-kernel-source which also did not work.

Then, I upgraded fresh install to Mint 16 using the Broadcom drivers from the package manager again. Thank you in advance.

Any help would be super awesome. In my case bcmwl-kernel-source is not installed, Thus the indicated command advise that and do nothing.

Pepe Barrascout Ortiz says: I could buy a card for the card reader slot tho. I have included the. Wireless will not be activated if it detects ethernet.

I updated to Feisty which had that version of the kernel and it worked. View more guides at Linux Wiki Guides.

I have access to internet, the wired connection works fine. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. After an hour reading various posts on how to get Ubuntu Linux wireless working, I found your post. March 27, at 6: Please take a look at this documentation, https: I’m afraid i might have to go back to xp on that computer if i can’t make ubutnu better thanks a lot if you have any tip.


Just my 2 cents. Dell Latitude D wireless I’m wondering if the kernel contains the driver already. Thanks from a rejuvenated laptop.

[SOLVED] Dell Latitude D wireless

So I have an old Dell Latitude D, trying to go microsoft free. Please keep this ubunu empty: It took about a week to configure the videocard for me and if you can give me the following options you have, I think I can help you:.

May 4, at 5: If you card is not natively supported in Linux, you have the option on using ‘ndiswrapper’.