The PR3 was almost as successful as the Sprog3. Simply hold down both pushbuttons for about 5 seconds, after which the STAT light will toggle red and green several times to confirm the change. How many locos can I run? After updating the DTs to R2 it is recommended that you reset the throttle to factory default. Techsupport is not configured to diagnose issues related to operating system, hardware, configuration or other possible problem areas that may cause problems with running these utilities. It also gives you the ability to do your programmong on a workbench, desk, or other location off the layout. Engines operate under their own power independent of the track.

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The “Stand-alone LocoNet” option should be selected if you don’t have a command station connected; see the “Standalone LocoNet” page. If the failure happens during the PR3 firmware update process, it is possible that the PR3 might require factory repair. Digitax offers the Soundbug sound-only decoder that comes with 8 different steam and diesel sound packages.

The Loconet Termination Switch: A locomotive’s performance is influenced by Become Our Fan On Facebook! Another neat feature is the ability to use it for installing sound files in Digitrax sound decoders—only Digitrax sound decoders! This problem has been seen by some some users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This was one of the problems that folks ran into when Digitrax first released the duplex throttles.


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The steam decoder has 8 steam locomotives in both articulated and non-articulated configurations and selections of whistles and bells. Likewise, there are a This was also pe3 when the PTB was used.

Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3) – Product Support

Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed! Un-repairable items will be returned to you at no charge with no repairs made. The other tricky setting is termination—the PR3 always has to be electrically terminated. So the rest of this will only deal with programming the sound decoders.

The PR3 is the combination of two previous Digitrax devices: This command station includes digitrad integrated PR3 device.

OK, here is the revised video for your consideration. Do NOT send a locomotive with your decoder.

Once you add a second locomotive, you will want to change the this new locomotive to another address. And it had no problems programming them in ops mode.

This idgitrax cause JMRI to mark track power as “off”. Be sure to select the correct COM port number that is now associated with this DCS in the software you are trying to use. PR3 offers USB connectivity. In the manual Digitrax warns against using a power supply greater than 15 volts and I have been told this is because some components in their newer decoders may be damaged by higher voltages.


Product Support for: Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3)

It may be considered as “identical” to a PR3 for all practical purposes. It can also be used to download sound information into Digitrax sound decoders and, within its limited current capability, run one locomotive to test it.

Insulate the unused function leads so they cannot short to the locomotive frame or track power. When you select a Loco that is selected on Below is a photograph of the actual hardware connections required for SoundFX programming. March 24, DCC Guy. Ireland Digitrax Complete Train Control makes reliable, realistic train operation and simplified layout wiring a reality.

SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

It could read and write but on occasions did take 2 passes to read all the sound pane features. Just fill out the form and return your items directly to Digitrax for repair. September 27, DCC Guy.