The Monday holiday made It doubtful if he eoold be ready before Tuesday. It’s one-stop shopping for the basks that usually get spread thinly among several astronomy courses. Wr caU and daUvar. If one is intelligent by nature he will understand my sayings; 86 — Daytime Telescope Testing How good arc the optics in your scoped Find out wtffi a simple procedure that can be performed an htoad daylight- On Newsstands March 2nd! The dally demand Is steadily in- creasing, the average daUy service sinee its inception belnf meals.

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Of his father’s victories — 40 — We will provide the tar- gets and advice on how to conduct the search.

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The stars are ju! The discovery was made possible by a ntultlbeam receiver installed five years ago cm the Tarkes radio telescope. Thc results presented in this article demoo- slrace the advantages ot reeunllng star trails digitally and. Rose Oaoery and Jbyea Bowdon.

The map’s center is overhead. AC ivav Lake Eamarina.

F C Ma- whfnnv nnd V V. Times, It is improbable that the myth was handea down from any actual sikom of the island. Tautometrically recurrent words or sounds are Aiof, w.


Pindar’s theory of life is extremely interesting. KpniiK’ Is- land Sportsmen’s Puiiidi. A reads aXX’ iKpOwrrrot other old hss. True you are troubled by the envy of the Syracusans, but their cavil is the best evidence of your success and worth. Go out and lock northeast about halfway from horimntaf tc straight up. For the position of koI cf. The patented Meade Auiostar contmller brmis automatic GO TO operation, plus dozens of addHityul menu options, to your fingertips, wichi i daufeose of more ihan With our setup, we obtained optimal results with lo econd w-fusb, but we also obtained good results with exposures up to 2 minutes long.

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Shift your gate back and forth across the screen for the best vfew of the shadow, Pennsylvania minister John Lashell recently sent me this quote from Lucy kAaud Montgomery’s novel Anne’s House of Dreerms a sequel to Arfoe of Green GflJj;es: A supernova’s light CDiTves from the decay of radioactive elaments in ihe expanding debris; lupernovae reach peak brightness a few days after the explosion and shine for months.


The extremely careful and scholarly co-operation of those who have justly been called ” the learned staff of Messrs Clay ” has evoked my cordial admiration and gratitude.

The first section is devoted to Aetna, the second to Hieron beginning with an invoca- tion of Apollothe third to Deinomends and Aetna beginning with an invocation of the Musethe fourth to Hieron. Fml bam jih HrtPi HlimiW.

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Of caurse, the extra, exposure time ta tiol a problem when the camera can guide itself! The Celestfon 14 Optic!