I took it upon myself to create a page on my Website dedicated specifically for the DiskOnChip. The DiskOnChip DoC product line became popular because they could easily be integrated into small embedded applications. How can one replace the IPL code when the device is not recognized by the utilities? If you have the skills Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? They then released “DiskOnChip ” in Rick Iorillo lead the development and design efforts in the U.

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My research so far reveals the following: This is really interesting I explain some of the basic requirements needed, in order to program these rare Flash devices.

If you have any questions or need any of the File’s I have collected or if you have any to share with me I was on the hunt for this manual for more than a year!! M-systems was competing in the diskonchup market with SanDisk, but the introduction of the USB drive made a cooperative environment more financially advantageous. DiskOnKey was a small Flash memory device encased in a plastic enclosure with an integrated flash controller that connected dskonchip the USB port on a computer.


To participate you need to register. I would appreciate replies from anyone with DoC experience; surely this must have happened to other folks. Thanks for any hints.

M-SYSTEMS DiskOnChip Programming

You can download the Various version at the links provided below: This is a 6 Layer PCB, so it is definitely a complex design. I took it upon myself to create a page on my Website dedicated specifically for the DiskOnChip. It is also unknown to me how to create the image to be programmed. They then released “DiskOnChip ” in It is entitled “PortaDOC.

Jim Stewart, Oct 12, The first 64 bytes can be found in Section 0, aliased 32 times. This initially started as a partnership for developing new products, but diskoncyip more financially stable for both parties by using the Sandisk name. Upon boot, the code stored in the boot block is executed.

DISKONCHIP 2000 M-Systems Flash Disk Disk-on-chip

These became very popular in the Industrial Markets for Embedded Systems as they had no moving parts and could withstand harsher environments. Articles 200 Articles Search resources. This included an investment by Toshiba in M-Systems. It is designed to function as a complete Stand-Alone programming station using a custom DOS software package.


It required no separate power or device drivers from the computer if running Windowsor Windows ME ; it was a true plug and play device. This is why Software developers love API’s.

H” file described above, is provided in the TrueFFS. There were two hardware versions released. These are very rare with the fact that they are one of the first releases from 200 inand they could only store 1 or 2 MBytes of memory.

Reading a Disk On Chip (DOC) memory module

The hard drive manufacturer “Sandisk” acquired M-Systems in for 1. As shown in the image below: The DOC is on a socket and is removable. Diskkonchip established in Computer memory companies Defunct companies of Israel Defunct computer hardware companies Kfar Saba.

There are details regarding the syntax for this executable in the User manual. Retrieved from ” https: If you have the skills