The act of performing a piledriver is called “piledriving. This variant can be used on other types of piledrivers; including the cradle tombstone piledriver variation, instead of wrapping both of his arms around the waist of the opponent, the wrestler wraps one arm around the waist and places his other arm between the opponent’s legs, grabbing hold of his other arm. The name is taken from a piece of construction equipment, also called a pile driver , that drives countless massive impacts on the top of a large major foundation support, burying it in the ground slowly with each impact. Archived from the original PDF on The piledriver is often seen as one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling.

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He also has a cutthroat version draping one of the opponent’s arm across their neck, similarly to the setup of a Million Dollar Dream called Psycho Driver III. Retrieved from ” https: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June CS1 maint: The move was popularized by Hwho called it H Thunder.

They then lift the opponent up and turn them around so that they are held upside down, as in a scoop slam.

The opponent is then lowered while being held so that the opponent’s head is hanging between the standing wrestler’s knees. The wrestler then stands up, lifting tkmbstone opponent until they are upside down, and drops to a sitting position with the opponent’s head between their thighs. Archived from the original on They then lift the opponent doubke on their chest so that they are facing downwards. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Piledrivers. It is also considered an automatic disqualification in professional wrestling matches held in Tennesseeas the move is banned in that state.

Piledriver (professional wrestling)

Also known as a stump piledriver, fombstone is a variation of piledriver where, instead of wrapping their arms around the opponent’s waist, a wrestler grabs onto the back of the waistband of an opponent’s tights to lift them upside down before dropping into a sitting position. It was often used to setup an opponent for his finishing move, a diving headbutt from the top turnbuckle.


Aja Kong Innovated the move This move was popularized by Kevin Owens during his time on the independent circuit. A double underhook variation exists in which the arms of a bent over opponent are placed in a butterfly prior to performing the flip.

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent’s head into the mat. As Austin had feared, Hart botched the move and tobstone Austin on top of his head.

Because of the dangers of the piledriver, it is classed as a foul and is illegal in mixed martial arts under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The move was banned by WWE in Aprilexcept for in cases where piledrivfr wrestler received special permission to use the move.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He continued and finished the match, but stayed away from the ring for two months to recover from the injury.

From here the attacking wrestler brings the opponent down into the belly-to-belly position before then sitting vouble for a reverse piledriver with the opponent’s head impacting the mat between the legs of the attacking wrestler.

World Wide Wrestling Fans [WWWF]: double-Tombstone-piledriver [Brothers of distructions..]

A variation of the piledriver where instead of dropping to a sitting position as in the basic piledriverthe wrestler drops to a kneeling position. This variation sees an attacking wrestler first lock an opponent in the pumphandle hold before then using the hold to raise the opponent up over the shoulder of the attacking wrestler.

This technique is extremely dangerous, possibly one of the most dangerous maneuvers in professional wrestling, as the opponent’s arms are restrained and their head is not placed between the wrestler’s legs, giving them little to post against.

A package piledriver is almost the same as a basic piledriverbut instead of grabbing the waist of the opponent, the wrestler puts their arms underneath the opponent’s arms and grabs their legs by the knees.


Piledriver (professional wrestling) – Wikipedia

The impact jammed Austin’s neck and left him temporarily paralyzed. Sami Callihan has named his version the Cactus Driver in honor of Cactus Jackafter Mick Foley who popularized the move expressed his approval of Callahan’s move on Twitter. In a match between Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve AustinHart was to perform a seated reverse piledriver on Austin, who later said that he was not sure if tobstone move was a good idea to perform as he was dounle if his head could properly be protected.

The wrestler then moves their left arm from around the opponent’s diuble to around the opponent’s torso. Also known as a spike piledriver, stuff piledriver or a belly-to-back piledriver, from a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler’s midsection, the wrestler grabs around their opponent’s midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down facing in the same souble as the wrestler, the wrestler then jumps in the air and drops to a sitting position.

This move begins with the wrestler facing his opponent. Cody Rhodes uses this as a finishing maneuver on the independent scene calling it “Dins Fire”. The wrestler then drops to a seated position, driving the head and upper back of the opponent into the ground. The wrestler then jumps up and drops down to a seated position, driving the opponent’s head down to the mat between pilddriver wrestler’s thighs. Another way to get the opponent into the position is to approach a standing opponent from behind, hook the opponent’s tombsotne, bend forward under the opponent, and then rise up, raising the opponent upside down.