There’s no evidence that it works in the real world indeed there’s a lot of evidence it doesn’t! I’ll give you that – again in a properly designed MV database – each entity definition should be hierarchical. Similarly there are many problems that can usefully be expressed in the relational model, which accounts for the success of SQL databases. And for single-value lookups, you can cache more. There is plenty of scope for experimentation with database designs to find a better fits to web applications, data warehousing, and image storage.

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What next, are they going to compromise on proper transaction support with ACID compliance?

Drizzle: a lighter MySQL

Chintan Pathak 89 2 It’s less likely I will want information about other cars and which car would that be? You then go on to reveal very little to substantiate this claim, other than claiming that just throwing everything into a single table, because it’s multivalued, will make everything super-efficient. I know it was maintained for a long time after the official release. You dismissed this ad. As for the query language, SQL works, but you’re probably better off using the tools provided with the database.


Free Trial at aha. Oh – and to the person who complained that Drizzle was dropping the query optimiser – post-relational databases don’t have query optimisers. Thus, we don’t care if the database is different.

Frankly, this type of problem is one of the reasons I started using MongoDB. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

MySQL forks itself with Drizzle

If you can program C with the rigours of Pascal then you get the advantages of both drizzlle. Posted Jul 26, 1: This article needs to be updated.

And I’m not saying “throw everything into a single table”. Archived from the original on OTOH for something like storing cookie state, user preferences etc. Round trip times and not parallelising queries adds up to be a big deal with queries which involve a lot of data, even if it’s drizzlle intermediate data as in the “50 items per page” example.

drizzlee It would seem advantegous to be able to restrict the amount of data fetched about an entity to the absolute minimum. But not all of the common ones. Interestingly, in the article you linked, Stonebraker didn’t talk much about web-based applications.


Archived at the Wayback Machine. If my application is compromised, or my file system is compromised, then my data is hosed, whether it is in SQLite or mysql or any other storage technique that I know of.

Posted Jul 25, Anyway, back to query optimisation. Oh – and I said why you would throw away the query optimiser – the cost isn’t worth it.

How is Drizzle licensed? Free Trial at jira. We are discussing about the best place to store these information and use them for real-time stats.

Post as a guest Name. And for single-value lookups, you can cache more.

Drizzle in Launchpad

A hash isn’t always best, even though it takes only 1. What are the benefits of Drizzle? Further, there was a spate of No-SQL and similar database related projects spun up in the interim which diverted some attention.