Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. You should make an Xbox version Ben. Learn how your comment data is processed. As a result of all the enthusiastic messages above, I got myself a set of these Audio FX Pro headphones. Well, just to let all of you know, I just opened up my headset, and guess what I found? Will they be sold in europe?

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These headsets are horrible.

It worked, kind of, but I still cannot get my speakers to work again. Worked perfectly in Windows 7 now the usb driver aint working Once in a while, it seems the front speaker is turned off.

Ben Heck’s Audio fx pro windows 8 usb driver headset – Microsoft Community

This time I bring good news. View profile View wishlist Start conversation Invite to friends Invite to friends Accept invitation Accept invitation Pending invitation I love the design, just not a huge PC por. In Battleground Europe, I have to turn my head left or right to hear a veh noise coming inbound.

Do these headsets require special software on the pc to work with the low frequency force feedback feature?


Click here for full-resolution, somewhat-readable version. Has anyone thrown one of these on to a Mac running Xudiofx X. If I was famous like The Ben I would have designed something like this, but maybe not with the mic. Maybe I’ll check some alternatives at this point My squad uses teamspeak.

Is there a fix? Its very hard to get the levels right for the volume for both phones and mic. How do I send you a picture? With the exception of the buzzing, i have had all the above stated problems. See, I play alot of old school games, and the mic just gets in the way and would serve no purpose. Suffice to say I can not discover the problem, but I am considering a new headset, from a different manufacturer. Even 2 channel is muddy.

Mumble mumble, I’m still thinking about purchasing the headphones anyway. However only chat comes through the headset, no edimensionla audio like with the PC. Hey guys and gals We’ve got you covered.

Ben Heck’s Audio fx pro 5.1 windows 8 usb driver headset

Just for an update since I bought these back in June, these are working well with Windows 7. Wudiofx reply to RichardHolster’s post on April 23, NAH… Wired is much better. Mic is awesome also. Ben Heckendorn se hace pro lanzando sus propios auriculares 5.


These things looks so funky and retro. The only way I was able to get the buzzing to go away was to not use the drivers that came with it windows should already have the generic drivers needed. Will these headsets work with game consoles PS3,etc? Next problem — the forc e feedback need the IL2 game volume to max and the headset to max to get the first red light on the headset and the first feel of an force feedback.

Your ad on the winvows for them if funny. One thing about that, though: First you plug them in the Audiofx pro 5 1.