Although lacking FSBs, the board does allow voltage tweaking to make overclocking a breeze. The mainboard is wrapped in a pink protective sheet and the cables and miscellaneous hardware were all nicely packed in a bag. Otherwise, you would be better off with other modems that offers free dial-up accounts that’s worth as much as the modem. A very low cost solution to built-in sound with 3D positional audio capabilities. Unfortunately, this procedure was not documented in the manual and I had to ask Vijay for it. Unfortunately, the C-media chip based audio cards are, as someone put it, ‘a bit elusive’. Comments or suggestions, please direct to us , and check out how you can advertise with us and target your products and service to computer buyers.

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Nice as it was, I was not able to find anyone on a web selling them and shipping internationally. I won’t say I’m perfect, in fact, Cmi3838 learning valuable lessons everyday.

I had bought another 1. Upon dialing, I was surprised to hear the dialing tone from the audio speaker instead.

Digial audio equipment

Windows 98 Cmii8338 Edition build 4. Elitegroup is a Taiwan based Mainboard manufacturer whom, although not been in the market for the longest time, has shown time and again that they have what it takes to deliver the goods.

Yes, it is too good to be true, but it is!

Placing a Slot-1 CPU with a dual fan configuration is enough to gobble up both the connectors, leaving none for the casing fan. After upgrading to Windows ME, the pops and cracks were back. In summary, this board does deserve the same award as its previous revision as one of the elie overclockable product around with eljte stability in overclocking. This board is very suitable for those who want to invest in a Celeron now, and have the plans to upgrade to a more powerful Slot-1 processor in the future.


The probe is not in proximity to make any accurate measurements.

Elitegroup Computer Systems ECS was founded in and has since been designing and manufacturing motherboard products for both the home consumer and OEM market. It is good to see how much commitment ECS has placed into providing the best products users can buy.

Although I really do not see the logic, but some still argue that they only managed to overclock at 1. The first thing that caught my eye was the design of the board.

My digital audio equipment

Anyway, it may not be a very fair comparison, since there was an application running in the background which I didn’t manage to turn off.

A very low cost solution to built-in sound with 3D positional audio capabilities. I’ll try to provide you with as many pictures as possible but please bear with the poor capture quality. MS DirectX Version 6. Of course, you would have to spend extra on a custom made modem card, but you can be elihe that it will be really cheap since it is software controlled rather than hardware. The test setup was fitted with an old Quantum MB hard disk which is quite slow, and this would have affected the Winstone scores.


The CD-ROM installation goes through OK, asks for Win95 disk to install joystick driver and then just stays there, switching mouse cursor between normal and hourglass. Schematic of commercial preamp from Rane Corporation pay attention to that creative, charge pump phantom power supply!

Overall, I find this board very eelite in terms of design and innovation. What you need for digital audio are Midiman Dio drivers from http: The overclocked CPUs ran very smoothly without any hitch and voltage tweaking.

ECS Elite CMI 8338/PCI Free Driver Download

I suppose this is the first of its kind to have on-board 3D audio. The built-in audio solution is also very attractive when keeping the cost of a motherboard low is concerned.

The first thing I noticed was the fan connectors. Now getting the card turned out to be the easy part, compared to getting it to work. At least, the board does not become obsolete the minute you purchase them.

Elitegroup P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

I was surprised to find my SL2YK to work at 2. I am a firm DIS-believer of the overclocking phenomenon. Seven expansion slots are available for system development and hardware monitoring is supported.

Lastly, the voltage settings in the BIOS could do some sort of limiting.