A Icon Descriptions Indicates a mechanical hazard, such as one associated with moving parts, capable of resulting in equipment damage or personal injury. Sf Command – Synchronize Film overlaminate A 89 Appendix C The Color Correction tab has sliders that allows color adjustments for red, green, and blue both intensity and contrast. Indicates that except for card and ribbon loading and maintenance, the cover must remain closed. Voids on printed card, same for all card panels 1. Open the cover, Cleaning raise the print head, and remove the ribbon Step 1 from both spindles. Note that the Install Printers Driver screen has text that specifies the Drivers Folder as the location of the driver file to be installed.

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Ps print on both sides—each module images a different surface. Sf Command – Synchronize Film overlaminate Attach the AC power cord to the AC power receptacle in the rear of the printer.

Verify command syntax 2. Applications can place this button either in the Print dialog or an associated sub dialog.

Avoid touching the Print Head elements. Complete all cleaning procedures from panel to panel. Printer Access and Usage. Tf Command – Film Type Check Card surfaces for smoothness, flatness or edge burrs If necessary, get new cards.

Polystyrene compound, a less durable and lower print quality alternate material for the common plastic credit card.


The extra memory makes possible reception of an uninterrupted string of data commands prior to any imaging. A magnetic pigment, BaFe, with high coercivity oersteds. Cleaning The Lamination head has two rollers—an upLaminator Rollers per heated roller and a lower pressure roller.

Resin Thermal Monochrome ribbons and the monochrome Transfer panels of multiple-panel ribbons produce solid imaging by transferring a very durable resin material onto cards.

Eltron P500 Card Printer Selected for National Driver License Program in Sri Lanka.

A Operation Ribbon Wind one or two turns of ribbon onto the ribPreparation bon core. Because of their dual print stations, Ps offer a great deal of versatility in choosing their operations. BMP format file to apply a custom overlay mask. The binary structure spacing of this computer-generated pattern is then oven-cured to create an unalterable 10 or digit code number while leaving another layer of the magnetic stripe eltrno for encoding soft conventional data.

Black Resin panels primarily serve to print eltroon and fonts.

Eltron P dual-sided id card printer with lamination

The print and laminator head s lower to the surface of the card for printing or lamination. C Command – Adjust Color Contrast In the Printer Tools dialog box Enter: Also click on OK in the dialog that requests installation of an associated disk.

The number of bit p50 encoded per unit length along the magnetic stripe, usually expressed as bits-per-inch, or BPI. Printers can have docking stations installed that can interface with Smart Card circuits. Card shuffling can reduce some of this adhesive force. Cleaning the Upper and Lower Cleaning Rollers. Open the Card Gate turn the gate adjustment knob clockwise until the end elttron the card can fit under the gate. Improper hopper loads produce read errors. Verify proper or default print settings in software.


If not, consider either another printer location or a more frequent cleaning.

An electromagnetic unit of magnetic intensity centimeter-gramsecond used to rate the magnetic intensity of magnetic media, such as the Magnetic Stripe used on credit card style plastic cards. Without bending or deforming the cards, try to slide both cards through the gate, If only the lower card fits, the adjustment should suffice.

Change Track Density The particles are set while the iron oxide slurry is still fluid. A Getting Started When unpacking the Privilege card printer and card mediabe aware eltroh a clean and nearly dust free environment is required for proper operation and storage.