When you create a new project with ASF 3. The content of the EVK board is: In addition to a subset of the standard demo application tasks, main. Fail Safe File System: I will keep you posted; please do the same.

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I’m a due newbie but it never receives an sof event when I plug my 2gb scandisk cruzer. USB host mass storage is the only example I couldn’t get to work on my due.

User have the possibility to control each of them note that their intensity is adapted in respect of the light sensor when tou go back to the ‘sensor tab’. I just tried your sample too with the exact same result, and nothing happens when I push the on-board buttons. To build the project: It is definitely a firmware problem because the Adruino host library works but unfortunately no MSC support!

Demo Application Functionality LED Flash Tasks The demo application includes the standard flash tasks as described for the standard demo application above. The page will automatically update every few seconds.

Atmel Avr32 EVK1101 Evaluation Kit Board for At32uc3b Microcontroller

Then try to go to DOS command window, make a batch file like this: Install AVR32 Studio, from atmel web site. You were running bootloader 1.


Interrupt service routines Note that as by default the AVR32 port permit’s interrupts to be nested, calls made to API functions from within an ISR must be contained within a critical section. Below is the output from an example TFTP session that sends then receives the file samplefile. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Atmel evk11011 to me to format my Pen drive as FAT32 and try again, also with other Pen drive but for now anything of positive happens.

LUFA Library: Drivers/Board/UC3/EVK/LEDs.h File Reference

Waiting for your reply restleslly. It will connect to the EVK through the USB and show the status of the states of the various sensors and actuators. There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. Good luck and please tell me if you are able to run the USB Soft software. Power up the EVK Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I finally got it evkk1101 work! Thanks again, well done, beautiful job!

The actuator tab shows the state of the LEDS. I have upload the. For the initial start of the application, you must select the target.


Delivered online or on-site.

EVK1100, EVK1101 – How to measure the power consumption?

Thread aware file system. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Load the symbol table using the command ‘ sym uc3artosdemo.

To connect to the target: I got this response in the forum: And now I get hsb same warning as you about the user program overlapping the bootloader. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Full Custom class is a kind of HID-like class, with the exception that the Full Custom is not supported by operating system, and thus needs a driver to run. The IP addresses used by the web browser computer and the prototyping board must be compatible. Also I didnt understand the method of Atmel Studio 6.