On the Gould plotters, the paper is wound on only by however much has been used. From W interacter v7. Why did you develop a new product? Also, there are no run-time fees or royalty payments. Note also that Visual Fortran and Intel Fortran are currently entirely separate products, requiring different versions of W interacter. Is Visual Fortran supported?

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Hewlett Packard with A1 Paper. W interacter delivers the same capability to the Fortran community. Multi-page images are supported and may be stepped through. Please use email to submit ffacit enquiries, since this lunux rapid and efficient exchange of supporting material and solutions.

A call to gNewDrawing or gCloseDevice will automatically wind the paper on or select a new sheet of paper on all plotters with this facility. Our business has always been about servicing the needs of Fortran programmers writing Fortran programs.

Polyhedron | Compatibility

Scalable Vector Graphics files. Absoft Pro Fortran Apart from the maximum drawing area and number of pens available, they behave as per the devices gHp and gHpa0. The same documentation can also be made available to Internet or intranet users.


Our resource based programming model is the key to our powerful visual design methodology. Applications may still function on this platform, depending on your chosen compiler, but this is no longer officially supported. This fails to understand cacit resources work. Our experience since the initial launch has been that this was the right move, with an ever increasing number of Fortran developers making the transition. Sie erreichen uns unter: The following configuration settings can be made to alter the default handshaking and file format:.

We believe our calling interface linu simpler and cleaner than any competing Fortran based product. The W interacter library contains several hundred Fortran callable routines, covering a wide range of GUI functionality: Which versions of Visual Fortran are supported?

Registered users may submit bug reports and other W interacter related enquiries to this service.


W interacter can also report when the user moves between fields in a dialog, allowing field-by-field validation without resorting to callback routines. SVG is liux web vector graphics format defined by W3C. The nomination routines gSe and gSehpa0 are provided for generic HPGL devices with lower-left origin and centre-origin coordinate systems respectively.

Most also support the earlier v W interacter Text Editor GraphEd: The LF90 W interacter library can also be called from programs compiled with Elf90, since both compilers are based on the same technology. Is Visual Fortran supported? PNG provides compression on a par with the GIF format, is not subject to licencing limitations and supports bit colour.



Help2HTM allows on-line documentation to be maintained in a single source format, while targetting both Windows and Linux. What about technical support? Resources What are resources and how do they work? Drawing Area On plotter model and B, if using roll-media, the default drawing area is A4 landscape gRnA2 landscape gRm or A1 landscape gRw and liinux drawing will be automatically rotated to fit across the paper.

More recently we have encountered demand for similar functionality under X Windows particularly on Linux. A documentation search tool is also provided.

This setting is overridden by application programs that use the routine gSetDeviceFilename. Hewlett Packard with A4 Paper.