This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Here is my lspci output lspci -vs 0c: I saw some recent upstream changes that raised this default above 11Mbps, however some of the bcm devices still don’t work at all when run at 54Mbps so the default is still being limited until those bugs are fixed. Paul Comment 80 Paul Rigor Joining mDNS multicast group on interface eth1. So, if anyone has a little free time to answer my question, I’d really appreciate it, a lot. But it is inactive.

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October 2006

Comment 5 Dave Maley What is wrong with my setting? If you need to reset your password, click here. Keys cleared Nov 1 I’ll have a clean Ubuntu distro to work with, last time I was using the Amd64 version, but apparently that causes problems with the drivers, so I’m going to try the i version.


Dowload the driver from http: I use the 2.

FC6 and Windows XP on an HP Pavilion dvnr Notebook

The files are shared via webdav, which is a strange option. I’ve read the various bcm43xx HOWTO’s out there and it all looks straight forward and painless, however no luck thus far. I’ll attach a more complete dmesg separately Hardware is a Dell D Find More Posts by BCarey.

Comment 47 Christopher Stone Comment 64 scott anderson Comment 41 Dave Maley Thanks a ton, in advance, even if it doesn’t work. Comment 44 Olu Akins I’ve tried several different cc6 revs on my Presario, but have not found any that have worked for me. Scanning finished Nov 9 It does seem to be functioning somewhat as I can scan networks, however if anybody could suggest something that might be working completely it would be appreciated.

FC6 is out October 24, in Life No comments. There is an upstream patch available here: The wireless works flawlessly and performance is excellent.

Comment 85 glistshere Does new Linux bcm43xx driver for Broadcom wireless cards work on a HP zeus? Why won’t NetworkManager work?


I can “modprobe bcm43xx” does not produce any errors. Comment 2 Dave Maley I had to use Red Hats Network manager to get the card to function the first time. Paul Comment 80 Paul Rigor Authentication response received from The applicable output of “lspci -v” is: The light comes on and off correctly.

bcm43xx or ndiswrapper? FC6 Broadcom Wireless Issues.

I’ve tried the majority of the drivers listed in the bcm43xx-fwcutter README, pretty much every one which is still a valid URL and doesn’t require a windoze box to fc66.

Dell Unknown device Flags: Show Obsolete 2 Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Radio turned off Nov 9 Comment 9 Brian