However, his large pedal boards are more for being able to cover multiple sounds from different albums and eras. Need to check my files. I mean, it always sounds good, its just one day it may sound a bit less agressive and other days it sounds like a mean som bitch lol idk. I stated my settings to give you an understanding of how I currently setup my amp. Bjorrn, forgive me if this was already asked this thread is long , where do you rate the Xotic EP versus the other clean boost pedals? With 12AU7, I ran my upstream pedals compressor, etc. I must admit that, after many many experiments with Butler and Chandler TD, and with several muffs like Skreddy, Cornish, Castledine, StompUnderFoot, etc, I have never appreciated a boost placed after the muffs.

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Its amazing how many references to gilmourish I come across when bouncing round the net reading stuff. What is gilmouriish is that is extremely noisy, so I bought a Donner noise killer hopefully it works, I use mostly this all set up with headphones.

If your budget allows it, then you might want to throw hk a modulation pedal like a flanger for the late 70s tones or a chorus for the 80s and 90s.

gilmouriish I do actually have a cool rotary speaker that a friend gave me… he upgraded to a Leslie. Thanks that does help, maybe the TD isnt what I need first. Boosting with more mids boosted and compressed pedals, like the Tube Screamer and OCD, can often make a Muff sound muddy and almost choked.


Overdrive and distortion

Yes, David used the Powerbooster as his main overdrive unit between So to revise my original 1st question: The inclusion of the 12AX7 preamp tube in the drive made all the difference in the world. It can sound harsh, it can sound creamy, it can sound wonderful.

I want to maintain the raw, jagged Muff tone but add a bit more grit and volume for leads. The Boss BD2 is a better option for Powerboost tones.

The Big Muff tone tutorial |

Start with getting the best tone and platform from your amp and experiment with the pedals gilmojrish got. Bjorn, just out of curiosity, wonder why David doesnt modulate his lead tones with a chorus, flanger, or rotating speakers anymore? The LV might be better for bedrooms.

I want to bring it to your attention that I have chosen a Kingsley Minstrel 2 tube overdrive after comparing it with the BK Butler.

Put them in different orders and hear how they interact in different positions. So my questions concerns all two rack versions. Basically to add a bit more tone.

BK Butler Tube Driver review |

I gilmmourish you make more albums in the future. Thank you very much for the response. Personally I like the BB. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!! Thanks for the article Bjorn. Gilmouriish on the amp, this one can sound both a bit thin and boxy but it does that early Marshall tone to the point.


If you need to prioritise, then I suggest that you try not to focus too much on a specific tone. Does this sound like gimlourish good signal chain to follow? Not sure if I understand the question. To me, the TD-X sounds much smoother and perhaps more linear when you set it up for distortion tones, which makes it more versatile for most setups. Airbag performing White Walls All Rights Removed in our former rehearsal studio back in late Based on the clip alone it sounds very promising.

Sounds like a great setup!

November 7, at 4: I think Tube driver behaves better with less treble and bass upstream mostly using it with low mid frequencyand then you can bring up those two areas downstream.

The Powerbooster acts as an EQ adding a bit more presence and enhances the sustain and attack or click gilmougish picking the gilmorish.

Also check that you have good cables and plugs in your rig as all the little things that do not have any thing to do with the knobs or settings make a huge difference.