It only searches Phone1, often screen pops internal callers and has no facility to bring up complete call dialog boxes on outgoing or incoming calls. You can screen pop a transferred call with first party and third party though the delivery of the CallerID information under all situations is a function of the Tapi driver supplied by the telephone system manufacturer and may vary according to call origination. Tapi Link then talks to this driver. It is not a webapp. Information on the Tone Commander device can be found on their website at http:

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The advantage of First Party Tapi is that you can enable a small number of users with an independent cost and therefore Tapi can be implemented as budgets permit and as returns on goldminw investment have been proven.

Each workstation is assigned to the appropriate telephony device s to control.

Other users prefer to wait until the call is answered before bringing up the Incoming Call Pop-Up Screen.

Frequently yoldmine Questions about our Products and Solutions. This is a replacement base for a digital telephone with an RS port at the back. The IP Office, Argent Branch, Argent Office and Cybergear Gold telephone systems can only be configured in first party configuration though the communication is via the local area network. The call control capability is distributed to the workstations golcmine the CT Connect Tapi software which is installed on the workstations.

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Information on the Ayaya Argent telephone tpi can be found on their website at http: The device is connected to a WinNT server using a serial cable. Tapi Link is fully compatible with Windows Terminal Services though does require some extra configuration. This area is designed to help you. Information on the Alcatel can be found on their website at http: Also, the next logical step for goldmine integration would be to get screen pops when a contact in gold mine calls in.


Information on the Meridian Communications Adapter can be found on their website at http: Once initialized, the dialer “predicts” when an agent is becoming available and dials in advance. Consulting a VOIP service provider would probably be a much more realistic option.

First Party Tapi – This involves a direct physical connection between the workstation computer and the telephony device. Some, but not all phone system manufacturers offer a TAPI driver and some, but not all phone system vendors are aware of what a TAPI driver is all about. For more information click on the link below. The predictive dialer creates calls on the server, waits for the outcome of the dial and then transfers the call to an agent when it detects that it is connected to a live person.

With years of experience working with telephone systems from all the major telephony manufacturers, we are usually aware of the hardware options on each system.

A power dialer is a workstation-based dialer system that is designed for individual users and teams as a productivity tool for working through short and long call lists, possibly with calls of varying types.

In first party configuration, a device called a CTM Computer Telephony Module is attached to the telephone extension line of the user. Each state falls into one category or another, please refer to the documentation to establish which category your state falls into.


You should not need third party Tapi to do “screen data” transfer.

This results in the possibility of the call being abruptly dropped because no agent is available. If your telephone system maintainer is not knowledgeable in this technology, please contact us for assistance.

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A printer can be connected to the serial port, parallel port or USB port, it can be attached to a print queue on a server, goldminw over IP, via a JetDirect card etc. It only searches Phone1, often screen pops internal callers and has no facility to bring up complete call dialog boxes on outgoing or incoming calls. Our products support all versions of Tapi driver from Tapi 1. The power dialer creates calls at the workstation and waits for the outcome of the dial.

Call lists can be created centrally and synchronized out to remote agents.

Again, it is up to your phone system manufacturer or vendor to sell and support the TAPI driver. Please contact us for telephone system compatibility information.

However, inbound is another issue – I’ve already asked and been declined by Digium to be supplied with TAPI messaging tapk so we cannot develop an app to work for screen popping. In theory it should work, I am just wondering if someone has tired it.