In that time I have definitely seen my share of ground breaking drivers hit the market. Some great value to be had on last years models!! White is the new black. The total weight of the club is just grams and this combination of head and shaft creates more clubhead speed and therefore more distance, albeit possibly at the expense of some accuracy. Super Tuna April 19, – Couple of drives I thought I was losing drives either left or right and the ball still ended up on or just off the fairway. This driver crept under the limelight underneath the R11 but i think its better and longer.

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Personally when I struggle off the tee alignment is often times to blame so this is a very nice feature for me and my game. I bought the RBZ Stage 2 as an ex-demo but kept losing it out high and right. I hit it straight and long by swinging this way. Raider April 19, – The BIG downside is the black finished face wears quickly. I’m still hitting alot of fairways, but when previously the worst i’d get is a bit of fade to the right.

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To create more speed the Superfast 2. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Im convinced Taylormade has quality control issues. Finally, it is all in the head. I still remember the first day I laid eyes on actual in hand pictures, I sat at my computer and stared at the pictures that were posted on our forum. I play off 11 and struggle for distance off the tee. CooCooRiku December 20, – Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review.

Wilson Staff D7 Irons December 10, Dave Collins June 9, – 6: In that time I have definitely seen my share of ground breaking drivers hit the market. And, like the R11, the Burner is white for easier ball alignment.

TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

You can learn much more about the regular and TP models at www. I bought this driver because of the extra length and boy it didnt disapoint. Tested March Test Team: This one is definitely on my radar now. And yes, I do mean fairway, not only was I hitting the ball that much further, but I was consistently finding the fairway at the same time.

I picked up mine as Demo club – only ever hit in-store.

I recently have purchased the BSF 2. However, I’ve gone for a much stiffer shaft than my older one and I was having trouble controlling accuracy off the tee. The TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.


You must have a SS around …. The new BSF 2. We hear all about how the lighter BSF 2. I’d gone off them by then pissed at their silly release policyso not absolutely au fait with the individual models, but pretty sure that the TP was a different beast from the ‘standard model’ – The TP having a shaft an inch or superfasf shorter than ‘standard’!

TaylorMade took the very successful predecessor the Burner SuperFast and gave it a complete makeover to create the new Burner SuperFast 2.

CJ May 8, – 6: Joined Sep 1, Messages Any good tips you can share? It’s still easy to fly it high if you need to wind at your backjust tee the ball high, but the big advantage with this club is it’s penetrating trajectory – great when .20 into the wind I cannot tame my driver TM Burner super fast 2.