This means I can add on the Web ‘n’ Walk Plus or Max packages as and when I need them at the discounted rates when using them as add ons. Dear Carol, Would you be so kind and post here a link to this drivers? Thanks for any help! My theory is that high data transfer speeds might cause it to work over time and overheat and lead to disconnects. The guy in the shop told me that there was some free texts 50 per month? I have had some impressive results in terms of speed at my home in Exeter – it gets full signal and says its operating on HSDPA which it should be and gets a few kb’s under the 2mbs download testing from speedtest. I am in Spain, connecting with an Orange sim card.

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Using a Huawei E170 (T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk USB Stick) with Mac OS X Leopard

A lot easier than seting everything up! Thanks for any help!

Feel free to contribute! Once I’d found the special characters palette Huaweei was up and away using internet connect. Guess it would be nice to see SMS support in there too. If you are having trouble with the official software I found it doesn’t keep a log of data used you may get on better with CheetaWatch http: I have been having problems with this USB stick on OSX – the modem works fine using the settings provided here – logs on quickly – no problem, but it seems the stick starts to fail after about 20 to 30 minutes and refuses to log back on – i might be lucky and get another minute or two but then drops again.


If you check ‘Show modem status in menu bar’ then the ‘Connect’ is available from there – small handset logo.

I’m north hawei Glasgow just now, huawwi two bars, and about kbps up and down – not too bad.

Sorry about the email verification – I’ve replaced the script – its failed a few now but the new one shouldn’t cause any problems. Direct dialling also gives a connection-up monitor.

Oh well at least it does seem to give a reasonable speed once it’s finally possible to connect Dear Carol, Would you be so kind and post here a link to this huawek Here are the steps: Here are the steps:.

Using a Huawei E (T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk USB Stick) with Mac OS X Leopard

The recent upgrade to My partner has a PC and downloaded the T-Mobile web accelerator which fixed this issue, can anyone help resolve this on Mac. I have a Huawei E modem, but it failed to install on Mac Sierra I can’t change anything because as soon as i klick ok there is another programe changing the network settings it comes back.


I have got the same as Carol: You should now be connected using your modem. Many thanks for your comment. I having problems using the software provided it connects but seems to take over a min or longer to get to any webpage. I’ve also tried using a powered USB hub to power the device but sadly, it still overheats.

I tried checking advanced PPP “Connect automatically Please do post if there are any fails too – I doubt it but would be nice to know. I forgot add information about my Os High Sierra Mac OS X Category: It was pretty easy from what I remember so good luck. They seemed a bit confused at this request at first and had to ‘speak to their superiors’ but eventually agreed that there was no reason that I shouldn’t be sent the USB Stick. I’ve now saved the settings as a location on my mac and if you switch to this when you want to use the stick you can use the Stick Manager without it crashing.

Thanks Ben for your huawsi note. Solution for macOS Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your help with this.