You can optionally type A followed by a space and an additional information text and press Enter. From the Product Group menu, select System Storage. If the content of the displayed FW Dir has changed, type D and press Enter to refresh the directory content. Document information More support for: Note that you can abort the encryption test by pressing the A key followed by enter at any time.

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Press Enter to initiate the import.

Type Sci followed by Enter to continue the test if you are absolutely sure that data on the cartridge can be overwritten. Make sure that field input does not start with a number followed by space and additional text as this will be interpreted as an entry to a specific row in the field.

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Select the device you want to write to by entering its number and press Enter. We recommend to use a new or rarely used cartridge ssi run the test.

Type N followed by a space and the serial number and press Enter. Before you install the tape device driver, ensure that the following tasks are completed: Select the device you want to test by entering its number and press Enter.


Our website uses cookies! Who is online Users browsing this forum: Scaled capacity-reduced cartridges should not be used to test the device.

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From the New Configuration screen select: Both files start with the 3573-gl number of the device. From the Select from Tape drivers and software menu, select Vevice device drivers. At first program startup, the license text will be displayed and the input and output directories will be created. During the firmware update the following screen will be displayed, indicating the progress: In the example above, the test passed, so the drive is tested good.

Installing the IBM tape driver for Windows

Installed it successfully and seen in the device manager But can discover tape libraries in Veeam. Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Contact and feedback Need support? I have absolutely no sscsi, how to get my tape library properly connected to my Veeam Version 7. Click the Select product option. Not Applicable Operating system s: The tape drive and HBA are connected.

None of the above, continue with my search. The selected filename is reset to the first item 0 after using the Refresh function. If you entered the values correctly, press the Enter key to start the test. When updating library firmware, do not power-off the library for at least 5 minutes after the update is complete or the library may become unusable.


Content The IBM tape and medium changer device drivers are designed specifically to take advantage of the features provided by the IBM tape drives and medium changer devices. Type R and press Enter to return to the Device List. Am I missing something?

Thank you for updating the thread! United States English English. Click Continue to scai to the Select fixes page, view the list of available downloads.

Call the install program: The tape drive is powered on. Also note that it may take some time until the encryption test actually aborts.