First up, the basics — macro mode. In conditions of Moscow networks, this cell will keep the phone up and running for about 2 days on average use — it is not much different from the Sony Ericsson Ki. And it is interesting only for those who would like to migrate from Nokia- to Sony Ericsson-branded solutions, rather than the brand loyal users. Moreover, as in most Sony Ericsson phones, the camera software, called camdriver, can be modified to bring new features along with considerable improvement. Archived from the original on July 15,

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On the shots below pay attention to the area surrounding the C button and the blossom dust. Effects — nothing out of the ordinary here: Retrieved April 4, Including some modes materialized in a really interesting way, specifically slide-show, media and many others.

To me, the Sony Ericsson Ki does a more decent job on the color reproduction front — its colors are somewhat more saturated which is indicated by the hues of the sky cameea our shots. In my humble opinion, the flash found in the Ki will come in handy very rarely, only when you are going to take a close-up on someone, in all other cases, the Nokia Camrra produces more vibrant images.

It is quite another matter, though, when you want to squeeze out of your phone as much as possible. In order not to confuse you with what features were available and what exactly the cxmera has enhanced, we introduce own Cyber-Shot range indexes.

Many, including me, deliberately or not, consider these two as direct and obvious competitors when it comes to image quality. All the things the company has been making us learn over the past 5 years in now gone, the new experience is here to stay. The QVGA x pixels allows it to accommodate up to 8 text and 3 service lines, but with smaller fonts you can squeeze more lines into it.


Review of GSM/UMTS-handset Sony Ericsson Ki

Sony Ericsson Ki – Vibra Motor. Both handsets did a decent job with processing the background — it is adequately blurry and serves exactly as a background to the flower. Moreover, as in most Sony Ericsson phones, the camera software, called camdriver, can be modified to bring new camerw along with considerable improvement. Picture quality —Fine, Normal. Some leafs sticking out of the background product an overall pleasant effect.

Sony Ericsson K850i – 5 Mpix camera performance

Replacement Earpiece also called Earspeaker or Receiver. Now here is a small riddle for you. I guess these problems will occur only in case of really careless treatment. The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 25 pieces per customer Please select a quantity. The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 5 pieces per customer. Retrieved June 16, But in order not to give imaging aficionados a chance to blame me for something, I shall make a reservation that on some occasions the Sony Ericsson Ki takes a fraction better shots, but only provided that the light conditions are equal.

The upper row of the numeric keys has captions made in blue, which resembles the way cakera Sony Ericsson Ki has them. Delivery Cost Calculator Destination:.

The Sony Ericsson Ki marks a break in this aspect. AF Light — Auto, can be disabled.


Sony Ericsson Ki – 5 Mpix camera performance

To me, it is an evolution, when solutions previously experienced only with digital cameras are being carried over to handsets. MSA k850j a selection of obligatory standards, while a number of them are optional, meaning that the makers can either use them or not, which ensures a wide variety of feature packs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Caamera different Java editions utilized in phones provoked confusion among developers; however the industry has put it all together so as to avoid similar issues in future.

Although the colors are still unnatural, however many have simply overlook that fact. The settings menu has changed as well. The lens inside the glass is covered with a shutter, which is here in order to prevent the matrix from damage if you happen to leave the Ki in the sun. Ca,era the last, but not the least, a tower in the same monastery — the colors in the Nokia N95 have nothing to do with the sunset, it is the phone that has painted it in such way.

To the right sits the xenon flash, equal to that used in the previous models like the Ki power-wise. The microphone faces no problem with capturing your voice, but it blurs all outside sounds.