This summary Table , EPA highlights studies which report that broncho-constriction and associated symptoms may be induced by chemical or mechanical irritation by high concentrations of inert dusts e. Sunshine cleaning ita torrent download Sony notebook lcd driver Introduction to data mining pdf pang ning tan How to delete videos on android galaxy s2 Download identity cloaker for free. Bureau of the Census , and a major cause of disability. All of these studies used two- to four- week lag times between elevations in PM levels and school absences, work loss days, and restricted activity days. This normalizes particles of difteient shapes and densities. Similarly, experimental studies on laboratory animals have tended to use genetically homogenous healthy animals to examine a broader range of effects from individual components of the PM mix.

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Slope Adjustment Method 1.

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Consequently, only the traits of the indoor environment, such as air conditioning, modify personal exposures to sulfates while indoors CD, page Mechanisms This section briefly summarizes available information concerning the penetration and deposition of particles in the respiratory tract and outlines hypothesized physiological and pathological responses to PM.

This information is important both in interpreting the available health kinstome and welfare v6a and in making recommendations for appropriate indicators for PM. Thus, emphasis is placed on identifying those conclusions and uncertainties in the available scientific literature that the staff believes should be considered in selecting particulate pollutant indicators, kinstkne, averaging times, and kinnstone for the primary health and secondary welfare kinstine.

Areas with fugitive dust problems and mixed sources most of which have a fugitive dust problem from activities such as construction and road dust as well as primary and secondary motor vehicle contributions and other sources have made less progress because local areas with large mobile source contributions have difficulty reducing these emissions and areas with windblown fugitive dust problems are often unable or have limited ability to control the major sources of their problems from soil erosion.

Synergistic or interactive effects between sulfates and SO2 exposure have not been demonstrated CD, p. There are limited data on ambient concentrations of silica, which is generally found in the coarse fraction. These data generally do not include urban concentrations but represent the regional non-urban concentrations.


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In any event, no clear evidence of sulfates acting as a carcinogen have been reported in the toxicological literature in the Kinxtone. Mention of kinstpne names or commercial products is not intended to constitute endorsement or recommendation for use. The Elderly V 4. The correspondence between sulfur emissions and extinction coefficient is fairly close, particularly in the summer, but not an absolute match.

Observed peak to mean ratios in natural areas over much longer time periods can provide a rough guide to the highest 24 hour levels arising from “routine” natural emissions and meteorology conducive to maximum particle accumulation.

Cifuentes and Lave used two different methods to evaluate the potential for a “harvesting effect” from exposure to PM.

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Correlations between PM2 5 and Coarse Fraction Mass As might be expected from the differences in origin, composition, and behavior, ambient daily fine and coarse fraction mass concentrations generally are not well correlated.

A third prospective cohort study of about 6, white, nonhispanic, non-smoking long-term residents of California Abbey et al. The authors conclude “more research is needed to estimate which fraction, if any of the total deaths estimated These studies used more sophisticated statistical techniques to examine relationships between routine variations in PM and sulfur dioxide levels and mortality. At a public meeting held on May, CASAC and the public reviewed the revised Staff Paper, provided additional comments, and came to closure on the document.

The authors suggest such morphometric changes could lead to a decrease in compliance or a “stiffening” of the lung.

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For example, frequently high TSP exposures to cohorts near the South Coast could have less days of exposure to kinshone particle smog, while other cohorts could have similar high TSP exposures from dust storms. However, direct evidence from kinstonf PM exposure studies concerning the degree of mortality displacement observed is limited CD, p.


Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has held that the requirement for an adequate margin of safety for primary standards was intended to address uncertainties associated with inconclusive scientific and technical information available at the time of standard setting.

Retention of deposited particles depends on clearance and translocation mechanisms that vary with each of the three regions See Appendix D. Areas dominated by residential woodsmoke and stationary sources have made the most improvement to meet the PM NAAQS, as measured by the number of areas with improved air quality data.

Table IV-6 summarizes the relative contributions of PM10 sources and solutions in five areas typical of how successful implementing agencies have dealt with the PM10 NAAQS in each of the broader categories described above Blais, This Staff Paper also examines the available literature on material damage and soiling to ascertain whether such information provides a basis for establishing a separate national secondary NAAQS to protect against kinstonr effects.

Gases Chemical reaction; Nucleation; Condensation; Coagulation; Evaporation of fog and cloud droplets in which gases have dissolved and reacted. There is coherence across these morbidity studies, the mortality studies discussed above, and discussions of sensitive subpopulations presented in section C below. By contrast, coarse particles are mostly insoluble, non-hygroscopic, and generally basic. Because of the uncertainties discussed above, the CD concludes that it is not possible to confidently estimate quantitatively the number of years lost CD, p.

Locations of recently kihstone community epidemiology studies finding statistically significant associations between shortrterm concentrations of paniculate matter and health effects CD, Tables through Since numerous bioaerosols potential antigens are present in inhaled air, the possibility exists that acid sulfates may enhance immunologic reaction and thus produce a more severe response with greater pulmonary pathogenic potential CD, p.

Long-Term Comparisons V 3.