You may need to adjust the density after installing a new tape cartridge. If an asterisk is displayed to the left of the option, selecting it turns auto shut-off back on. See Using Die Cut Labels Working with Pages and Documents 11 Using Your Printer About Bar Code Labels Although this manual explains how to set up your printer to print bar code labels, it does not explain the technical details of bar coding, suggest which type of bar code you should use, or explain how to use a bar code most effectively. You use edit mode to enter or change label text. Each label can be up to six lines.

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Large, bold characters require more power than small ones and will drain the batteries faster. A suitable battery charger is also included for recharging the nickel-cadmium batteries.

Shrink tubing for K, KPC, KPC, KPC, K and K printers

The card must be loaded before you can select an option, fonts or files from it, and should not be removed until you have printed the label that uses the card. These function keys also act as “toggles” which allow you to turn an option on or off.

F2 Lets you choose text attributes k500 your label text and remains on the display until you press ESC. CDC Notice This digital apparatus does not exceed Class B limits for radio noise for digital devices as set out in the radio interference regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications.

Does your bar code require error checking during bar code scanning, and, if so, which type of error checking should you use? Valid margins are between 0 and. Pull the jacket down from the top of the printer until clear of the top portion of the printer. Do not dispose of nickel-cadmium batteries in fire, mutilate, short-circuit, mix with other battery types, or charge in battery chargers other than the charger supplied with this product – batteries may explode, release toxic material, or get hot and cause personal injury.


Although you can change these default settings when you make labels, they are automatically reinstated when you turn off the printer or select NEW from the file menu. Do not apply adhesive labels to your skin. Before you can properly print bar code labels you should answer the following questions: To replace the jacket reverse steps 1 and 2.

Kroy K2500 Label Maker Printer 2504210

When installing the cable, the EMI filter should be located ” from the printer. When you select an option 2k500 it onan asterisk displays to the left of it to show you that the option is on.

This is useful when you want to print the same label repeatedly, but must print different labels between copies. The printer displays krot default size see the following example and waits for your entry.

Margin Use the option to define the distance between each label. The brackets and bracketed words do not appear on the screen. Turning the Printer On and Off 7 Using Your Printer Understanding the Printer Display Screen The printer display screen shows system prompts and messages, lists of file names, menu options, and label text. When you select the option again turn it offthe asterisk is removed to show that the option is off.

When the batteries run low, the printer will display a message telling you so. For more information about this feature, see Communication Protocol or contact your authorized Kroy distributor.


Specifications | Kroy K2500 Thermal Label Printer

If you try to save to a PC card in the B drive that is write protected, you will get a “Out of Memory” error. Do not replace with other batteries. For example, when you press F2 and then select the Justification option from the font menu, a submenu of options displays the types of justification available: The printer will calculate the maximum point size and display an error message “Text too tall” if you have selected a combination of size, style, and attributes that are too large for the number of lines to print.

When using F2, press ESC twice if you are in a submenu to return to edit mode without selecting a list option.

The printer clears any text displayed on the screen, returns all attributes to factory defaults, and displays a blank edit screen so you can enter new text.

To comply with FCC regulations, use only Kroy’s recommended serial cable when connecting the printer to a host computer Kroy Part Number Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The left and right arrow keys move left and right, one option or one character at a time; the up and 8 Using the Printer Keys Using Your Printer down arrow keys move up and down through lines of text, one line at a time. Read all instructions carefully. Press gently but firmly to seat the card in the slot.