Message 6 of Can anyone guide me regarding this issue? Thank you for your patience. Designing a wireless monitoring control system WMCS for an electrical distribution network using low-power frequency communication. I am currently a student and am just getting into LabView for a senior project that I have to do with a team. If so you will need to configure the Zigbees on both computers as per the user manual. The documentation for the Zigbee will tell you what method it uses.

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Thanks for your reply. Message 2 of Its a library or toolkit which is for serial communication. You may need to use the Advanced Serial Write and Read if you need to set the termination character for VISA to use so it knows when a response from the device has finished.

How can I change this serial example to read from USB serial ports? I mean i want to send it from one computer and then to be able to preview what i send from another laptop.

ZigBee Measurement Suite by MaxEye Technologies – National Instruments

Message 5 of Hopefully you will find some of the information within the above links useful. I am a beginner at LabView right now too – so if at all possible could you dumb it down?


Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management.

To send an image you will have to convert your image down to an array. Really appreciate your response. This makes it viable to read a large number of nodes and justifies implementation and operation costs compared to its benefits.

I think a good way to comunicate with the XBee module would be through Arduino micro controller. Expert Support Upgrade for premium services Professional Services Development, consulting and training Compare Support Services Digi base, expert or professional services Support Tools Drivers, documentation and firmware.

Here is an lqbview how to Read and Write through zugbee http: Okay – well we used the terminal program that came off of the Zigbee website and we’ve plugged one of them in to a MC9S12 and got them to talk to each other without a computer.

how to send data from one Xbee to another Xbee on labview? – Digi Forum

On the internet I found this: I have a question that might be pretty simple. One way uses arduino where labview sends data to arduino and arduino in return sends data to Din pin of xbee which ultimately gets transfered to the receiving xbee.

Message 9 of Sorry for my late reply. Connecting labview to xbee Xbee This could then be picked up and used by a microcontroller. Point it to the FTDI driver and after installation, windows device manager should show a new com port.


Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Create a Wireless Monitoring and Control System

You may want to peruse some of those hits. Hope you are well and I’m glad you found the examples useful. The exact same way.

Hello i am working on a project and we want to transmit an image using ZigBee. Thanks in advance for the help. Checking the device manager, it looks as though the drivers are installed Because I installed the drivers from the FTDI drivers from the website for my appropriate OS Windows 7. The WMCS has two main parts: Message 8 of Can anyone with networking knowledge guide me here. Most Active Software Boards: Just wanted to check if you have had a chance to look at the resources I sent you and if these were zigbee in your application.

Connecting labview to xbee.