Watch out for the printers that take the or cartridges as they have crappy print heads my opinion from messing around with a few. Highest quality ink prints, some of the most efficient in terms of the total amount of ink used from the cartridge. Mon Sep 24 After so may years? It just reminds me of “I can’t do that for you, Dave. To my knowledge all the ink printers are individual colors with reasonably priced cartridges with reasonable yields the black cartridges are a bit expensive in comparison to the color cartridges but oh well. Learn about AirPrint and the devices that support it.

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%Info Lexmark TA11A Black Print T65X Return Program Toner Cartridge – Unexcavated

Every time it jams. I had a Brother HLN that lasted me about 4 years before it stopped feeding paper. It would be impossible for them to somehow affect the printer, unless they were remanufactured improperly, in which case it would be really obvious on whatever you print out. Maybe I am the exception to the rule? I’ve done this, and I’ve saved a boatload of money so far because a regular printer that can print that quality would be far too expensive.

College humour says it better: A lot of lasers give worse ink yield than the Lexmark and few are slightly better but the laser printers are going to be more expensive and you have ledmark replace the drum every times you replace ink. Almost 20 years later, it’s still running perfect. The most terrifying example of this stupidity is about the life expectancy of light bulbs.


Lexmark 4-in-1 Printer only $49.99 Shipped

You might look into that. Can print from any machine in the house. We’re using genuine xerox toner cartridges.

Spend the couple hundred for a good color laser printer and never worry again. You could have a go at Solid Ink printers. I probably could have lexmaro that thing if I could find a decent site to buy parts from, but sadly it got tossed before I could try.

If the machine is maintained and cleaned every so often then a lot of times this can be prevented.

Monochrome laser is the way to go as most of the replies say. Exchanged it again – still streaks. Dell and Lexmark lasers are horrendously overpriced you typically pay the price for a sedies with an integrated drum except a lot of the models don’t have cartridges with integrated drums and the replacement drums cost a fortune.

Why would I try to do that at home? They just made the XL version of their cartridges much smaller and actually took the estimated page counts off the back of the packages. Don’t bother with inkjet printers, they are not worth the hassle.

This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. For one they are better made in most cases the one exception to this are the HP series and the C printers which have cheap print heads.

Make Your Selection

That’s when the problems start pouring in. My wife is a teacher, so instead of making photocopies, she scans worksheets and stuff that lexmatk be used in her class and we print straight from her laptop.


Load up the PostScript Windows drivers, direct the network port to the printer, and just transmit postscript files to the thing. Both are generally of decent quality and good yields. We the IT dept have told people that if they don’t want to fork out for HP cartridges, don’t expect quality or longevity of your printer or toner.

But what percentage of people complaining their Dell Inkjet works like shit would that statement apply too? Got my Xerox during a special.

USB printing especially on Windows can fuck off all the way to hell. A scientist even invented a light bulb who could live for ‘ hours!

Has anyone else never in their entire life managed to successfully cancel a sereis job? Your color printout would look awful if you were missing the yellow, but you at least got something, and it didn’t matter for printing black.

It has to do this tens of thousands of times, for different media sizes, weights, and textures, in a wide range of temperature and humidity levels.