He said making larger pointer movements with the entire arm and making smaller movements by rotating the arm and wrist instead of bending the wrist have helped him avoid hand and wrist pain. You can connect the MX Ergo to two computers simultaneously via Bluetooth or a Logitech Unifying dongle; using a button on top of the MX Ergo, you can swap between the computers. The Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring typically costs a third as much as the Expert Mouse but has a smaller ball and offers only two buttons instead of four. Why you should trust us The best finger-operated trackball: If you need to make small movements, this model has a button on the side to toggle precision mode, but I never used it and ended up reprogramming it. Your desk, your comfy chair, your bed—this trackball is easy to take with you around the home.

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Logitech M Wireless Trackball Designed for Comfort & Long Battery-Life

Its sculpted shape supports your hand to let you work all day in comfort. And many people have used thumb-operated trackballs for mousf or even decades with mouae problems. Then we used the remaining trackballs for several days of work, paying attention to the build quality, accuracy, and general comfort.

Trackballs can be useful for people with a repetitive strain injury in their shoulder or wrist because using these devices requires different muscles than using a mouse.

Easy to clean Should you need to clean your trackball, removing the ball is a snap. To correct for this, the Expert Mouse comes with a detachable leatherette-covered wrist rest to prop the hand in a neutral position.

The Orbit with Scroll Ring is lofitech to use right- or left-handed, and the two buttons on either side of the trackball are easy to reach.

Logitech is bringing back the trackball mouse

During this research, I laid hands on almost every available trackball. The Expert Mouse has a power switch on the bottom but logitfch turns itself off automatically after inactivity to save battery life. The Logitech Options software has most of the settings you need to customize the MX Ergo and its eight buttons. Hard mose, comfy sofas and lumpy beds are all no problem for the M Logitech promises rollerbaall months of battery life for the AA-powered M; judging from Amazon reviewsthat claim seems accurate.


The MX Ergo has a tilt feature, two more buttons, newer software, Bluetooth, and a more modern design, features we think are worthwhile for most people considering a trackball.

The MX Ergo has eight programmable buttons—twice as many as the Expert Mouse, and three more than the M—and one non-programmable button on top to switch between paired computers.

Great software will also let you change the pointer speed, acceleration, mojse scrolling speed. Instead, you use Logitech Control Center, which has the same features but an older look.

The TrackMan Marble bears a shape similar to that of the Kensington Orbit with Scroll Ring, but the button placement makes accidentally hitting the page-up and page-down buttons too easy; even after a few days of use, we never got comfortable with that placement.

Scroll wheel You llogitech easily move up and down through Web pages and long documents. Similar to the MX Ergo, the M is made of molded plastic with a small divot for a pinky to rest on.

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In a survey DOCX published by trackball maker Kensington, respondents listed their top three reasons rollerbaol switching to a trackball: Instead of using a hardware scroll ring as on the Kensington Expert Mouse and Orbit with Scroll Ring, with the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball you have to rotate the ball to scroll, which is tough to do without bouncing the cursor around the screen. All-day comfort Logitehc in comfort with a stable, sculpted trackball that supports your hand and lets you rest your arm.


Trackballs come in two variations: The Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring typically costs a third as much as the Expert Mouse but has a smaller ball and offers only two buttons instead of four. The M has a bigger hole on the bottom than the MX Ergo, which makes popping the trackball out for cleaning easier; for this task, almost any pen will work on the M, while the MX Ergo needs something the thickness of a chopstick. Learn more about the Logitech Unifying receiver.

But RSI is dependent on the type of work you do and your desk setup. Instead of a scroll wheel, the Expert Mouse has a scroll ring around the ball.

Wireless Trackball M570

A low-quality ball can ruin the experience of using rollerballl trackball. As with the Expert Mouse, you should do this every couple of weeks to clear out dead-skin bits and other gunk. Keep trying new things. We then used each contender for at least eight hours of work before eliminating models that were awkward to use, suffered from build-quality issues, or had confusing software.

With up to 18 months of use from a single AA, you might just forget your trackball uses batteries at all. With a huge ball and four buttons, this is a near-perfect trackball held back by a gritty scroll ring. You can also set up a keystroke to initiate a precision mode that slows down the cursor, and customize button behavior per application.