Not just voltage, but bus clock speed and multiplier as well. You can try to download our newest IDE Driver. I accidentically programmed the BIOS with wrong or bad file, now my system won’t boot. The BIOS upgrade can be found in this website. When is the next available BIOS update?

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For more information about BIOS upgrade, please contact the motherboard manufacturer. AGP driver Version 1. Please follow the instructions carefully: The latest BIOS update is always on our website. Until you update the drivers: Try swapping with different manufacturer make sure it is a Uzb or PC What is the problem?

ALI M USB Controller PCI Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

Should this board supprt Ultra DMA k5237 We will never know the next available BIOS update be. What is the solution? My computer constantly locks up or give me the fatal error screen blue screen.


What is the highest CPU speed and type that this board can take?

You can idnetify the difference by two ways: I accidentically programmed the BIOS with wrong or bad file, now my system won’t boot. Is this available directly through BCM? We recommend users to install their system from scratch to avoid device conflict. When is the next available BIOS update? We are a board manufacturer, not a distributor. Make sure your system BIOS is of the latest. Also the OS version and software you used with your device.

ALi recommend the use of Windows’s default IDE driver if the south bridge you are using is one of the following: The manual on page 21 is incorrect.

Is there anyway of overclocking the video on this motherboard? Refer to Jumper section for this board to get a correct jumper setting.

Is it a problem with my motherboard? We will do our best to give a solution to your problem. How can I get it back?

If it doesn’t solve your problem, try dis-ableing DMA mode within device manager under your disk drive properties.


Re: kern/47717: interrupt problem when starting an Acer Labs M5237 USB ohci controller

But the fix is very easy. What can I do to fix this? My system clock seems to be slow or stopped working. You can try to download our newest IDE Driver. Is there any driver that would allow this to work? I have disabled my power management in both my BIOS and in Windows but my monitor still goes into Standby mode after being idle for 15 minutes. How do you tell the VP and VP apart if you lost the box and manual? Yes, you can download the latest version of our IDE Driver from our website.

Only up to Ultra DMA